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Bingo was once a game reserved for church functions and grandmothers but these days, thanks to online bingo, it is gaining popularity amongst a variety of demographics including the hip 20 something crowd who are rediscovering just how entertaining this game can be when played in the digital sphere.

Not only is playing bingo online convenient, but it is also highly entertaining and potentially lucrative, not to mention a very social game thanks to Bingo chat rooms and in-game chat functions.

To play this exciting game, all you have to do is sign up at a reputable bingo room like Betfair Bingo that offers the game. The great thing about playing online is that you can play for free until you get used to the game and once you are comfortable you are able to make a deposit and purchase a Real Money bingo card.

Online Bingo works in exactly the same way as land based games do, with the object being to cover all slots on your card first and shout “bingo” – only instead of shouting you press the “bingo” button within the game console.

You can also make use of the “auto-daub” function which will automatically check your card for you, which is great when you play multiple cards BUT it can detract from the excitement of it all which is why it is optional.

The greatest thing about playing online is the fact that you can chat to other players, something that is frowned upon at land based venues, but totally acceptable and even encouraged when playing online which adds a great social aspect to the game.

Sound like fun? It is! So check out Betfair Bingo today and receive a fantastic Welcome Offer which will give you and extra £20 in Bingo funds PLUS an extra £10 to play with in any of our Side Games if you spend £10 – giving you £40 to play with!

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