Sic Bo Strategy & Winning Tips

Sic Bo is game that is dependant solely on luck and therefore there are no special “game play” strategies that will influence the outcome of your bets or help you to predict the outcome of the dice. Each bet in this game carries a house advantage of between 2.78% and 30%.

You can however, attempt to keep the house edge to its minimum, here’s how:

  • Research the odds at various online casinos and play at the one offering the best for you as a player, like Casino Tropez. This means that there will be a lower house advantage on certain bets.
  • Stick to bets with the lower house edge (Big or Small, or if available Odd or Even bets), they may pay less on wins but over time the will work out more profitable and save you money.
  • Do not read into “patterns” or purchase information on winning systems, the rolls of the dice are random, cannot be fixed or predicted.
  • Play for short periods of time only, the longer you play, even if you are winning, the more you’ll lose over the long term thanks to that nasty House Edge factor.

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