Promotional Codes

When it comes to online casinos most players are familiar with welcome bonus offers and also the regular promotions that are available, but another way that online casinos offer promotional discounts, free money or access to special events is through the use of promotional codes.

Here we’ll take a look at the various aspects of promotional codes (promo codes) so that you’ll know what they’re all about, how they work and whether or not their worth accepting.

What are promotional codes?

Promotional codes are the digital version of a coupon or voucher, usually a number or alphanumerical code that can be entered when visiting the online or mobile casino to claim the specific offer that it is linked to whether it be added free money when you make a deposit, or a free spins offer on your favourite slot machine.

How to use a promotional code

As mentioned, promo codes at online and mobile casinos give the user eligibility to some kind of bonus, discount, free play offer or perk. Generally when you deposit the required amount at an online casino you will be able to enter the promotional code along with the details of the deposit and if you meet the conditions of the offer, you will receive the benefit attached to the specific code.

For example, if an online casino offers a promotional code which gives you 20 Free Spins on your next deposit of $/£/€20, then when you deposit that amount you’ll receive 20 spins on a specific slot without having to pay for them. These codes work the same way for free money and match deposit bonuses.

It is important to note that like vouchers and coupons, promo codes generally have a specified date of validity and do expire after that period rendering them useless. So always make sure that if you intend to use one that you check the date on it so that you don’t miss out on the offer.

Why Online Casinos Offer these?

Like bonus offers, promotional codes are a mutually beneficial tool – they allow mobile and online casinos to attract new and repeat customers, while rewarding the player for their patronage.

Many people who would not generally play at online casinos may decide to try them based on the fact that they can get something in return, taking the anxiety out of the purchase. They then learn how enjoyable online gambling can be and the casino gains a new player and also adds to their profits.

In other instances promotional codes may serve as a way to attract players from rival casinos, thus stealing the business from competitors and again, growing the casino’s player base which ultimately makes them money.

Promo codes also act as research tools for casinos, helping them to gain insight into the price sensitivity of certain markets, or prospective customer demographics such as gender, age, geographical location and the like by adjusting their offers in order to see which works the best where. This information then helps casino marketing teams to tailor their offerings according to the various markets.

Types of Promotional Codes

In general you will come across three types of online casino promotional codes, namely:

1. Public Codes

These codes are open to the general public and are widely published on casino review sites they can be used by anyone who finds them and there are generally no limits to the number of times they can be used as long as the criteria to redeem the offer are met.

2. Private Codes

Private codes are generally targeted at specific players or a particular demographic of people. When issuing these casinos include a clause which states that the holder is within the particular targeted segment. This means that only a certain player or players may use them – for example a promotional code may be targeted at UK players only – if you reside outside of the UK and attempt to use the code, it will be invalid for you.

3. Restricted Codes

These codes are especially designed for a single individual (for example a high roller that the casino would like to reward and attract back to their property). If anyone other than the specified player attempts to use the code, the casino will decline it, even if it’s not expired as these codes are not transferrable.

Restricted codes are most often used in casino loyalty programmes where customers have not played for some time and the casino would like to attract their business again, or if a player has been playing a lot and the casino wants to comp them with a nice reward to thank them for their patronage.

Terms and Conditions

Like other bonus and promotional offers, promo codes generally have certain terms and conditions attached for example, requiring a certain deposit amount. In cases where you will receive a match deposit bonus when using a specific code, terms and conditions will generally be attached to the wagering requirements and cashout of that money.

Whether or not it is worth using a promo code will depend on the associated terms and conditions, so always ensure that you read and understand these before proceeding with the offer.

As you can see from the above, promo codes are just another way that the casino increases its attractiveness to players, and in turn rewards the player just like any other promotional or bonus offer.