Types of Bets

On the typical casino Sic Bo table you’ll find a range of betting options available. Basically there are six different types of bets, each with multiple betting options and odds. Payouts vary between casinos on the various bets, so the numbers listed below are the most commonly found odds. Always make sure that you review the odds prior to playing:

Big or Small
The Big or Small bet is made based on the projected total value of the three sic bo dice being Big (11:17) or Small (4:10). Both of these wagers will be lost should a triple be rolled. Payouts are usually set at 1:1.

Totals Bets
Total Bets exhibit 14 possible betting options based on the total value of all sic bo dice upon completion of the roll. Payouts generally vary from 50:1 and 6: 1. Typically payouts on these bets have the greatest variation from one casino to another so make sure you check up on these.

Total: 4 (Payout 50:1) Total: 11 (Payout 6:1)
Total: (Payout 18:1) Total: 12 (Payout 6:1)
Total: 6 (Payout 14:1) Total: 13 (Payout 8:1)
Total: 7 (Payout 12:1) Total: 14 (Payout 12:1)
Total: 8 (Payout 8:1) Total: 15 (Payout 14:1)
Total: 9 (Payout 6:1) Total: 16 (Payout 18:1)
Total: 10 (Payout 6:1) Total: 17 (Payout 50:1)

The Double bet involves the outcome of two dice having an identical value. This bet is determined to be a winning wager if two out of the three dice show the correct doubles as indicated in your bet at the end of the roll and winnings are pay out at 8:1.

Two Dice Combinations
The Two Dice Combination bet is made on the upcoming roll of the dice comprising two specific dice values eg. 1 & 2, 1 & 4, 2 & 6 etc. Fifteen possible combinations options exist and you’ll only win if the two numbers you have selected appear once the dice are rolled. This type of bet gives payouts of 5:1.

This bet is placed on the outcome of all three dice landing on the same number. There are six possible triple bets according to the face values of the dice (111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 666). A bet on a specific triple will typically pay you 150: 1.

Any Triple
This wager is made on the outcome being any triple rather than a specific triple, payouts are usually set at 24: 1

Any Number
The “any number” bet is a single number wager on a selected number from 1 to 6. If your number appears on one or more of the dice after the roll has been completed then you will win. Usually these bets payout at 1:1 for a single match 2:1 for two matches and 3:1 for three.

Odd or Even
While this bet is not always available on all Sic Bo tables, it is worth mentioning as you may come across it from time to time. The bet is placed on the total count of the three dice being either an odd or even amount. Similar to the Big or Small bet, any bet placed on either of these options will be lost if a triple is rolled. The typical payout on Odd or Even is 1 to 1.