How Technology is shaping Gambling

The advent of the computer and later the internet revolutionized the world and completely changed the way we interact with the world and those around us. In the early 90’s we saw the first online casinos emerging which allowed us to access them and play our favourite casino games for money from the comfort of our homes and offices – a concept that until that point was completely inconceivable.

In a few short years, the notion of playing at online casinos went from inconceivable to being approached with caution and just a short while later to being widely accepted as a legitimate and highly entertaining pastime, transforming the online gambling industry into a multi-billion dollar one in two short decades.

Where people were once solely dependent on travelling to land based casino venues that were often far distances from their homes to enjoy gambling, suddenly their favourite pastime was at their fingertips, opening up a whole new world of entertainment was born.

More recently technological developments like smartphones and tablet devices have taken the technological revolution to the next step having an even greater impact on our personal, social and professional lives, becoming our go to devices for our communication, entertainment and photography, not to mention being a catalyst in mobile gaming evolution.

This has in turn opened the floodgates for software developers to create new and exhilarating applications for these devices which enable us to enjoy our mobile devices in completely new and unique ways. Once again, this technology is re-shaping the online gaming industry which is quickly evolving from purely online to mobile based platforms.

While online casinos are still a widely frequented avenue of entertainment, mobile casinos are uncovering a completely new audience of players who, thanks to the latest mobile phone technology and variety of mobile casino apps and platforms, can enjoy their favourite casinos games on their mobile devices from literally anywhere in the world.

Like their online casino counterparts, the popularity of mobile casinos is fast gaining momentum – in the year from November 2013 to November of the following year, the revenue generated by mobile casinos on the iOS platform had grown a whopping 55%. With the online gambling market for real money set to hit the $100 billion mark by 2017 – one can clearly see that the anticipated growth is massive.

The way that technology has shifted for users has had a dramatic effect on the casino industry, with the majority of operators now offering some form of mobile based solution – whether it be platform or application based.

It has been a swift and exciting journey to date and with technology advancing at such a rapid rate it will be interesting to see what comes next in this ever evolving industry.