Blacklisted and Rogue Casinos

Rogue Casinos

You’ve probably heard these terms before but with over 2,500 online casinos, Poker Rooms, and Sportsbetting sites right at your fingertips, how can you be sure which ones fall into this category and which ones are tried and true. Before we give the downright dirty details of which ones to avoid at all costs, here’s a brief explanation of what the term blacklisted casinos means. Casinos that fall into this category have only received that name for very good reasons. Either they have stopped paying Players and/or their Affiliates OR they do not honour advertised bonuses.

Why casinos operate in a cheating manner is beyond comprehension. The software that casinos use is programmed to ensure that they make money and it is a known fact that the casino always wins in the long run. Rogue casinos don’t see it this way. They prefer to skim some off the top by cheating Players out of their money. They end up shooting themselves in the foot though because sooner or later they end up on forums like Casino Meister and swiftly lose customers, which means an overall loss in revenue. If Operators like those that run the Grand Prive group of casinos had foresight, they would not be on nearly every casino blacklist on the Internet. These casinos include: Bella Vegas, Casino Grand Bay, Lake Palace, Roadhouse Reels, Jupiter Club, Fortune Junction, Jackpot Wheel and Villa Fortuna. These names have ended up on forum after forum and discussion board after discussion board for the underhanded way that they run their Affiliate Program but especially so because they do not pay their Players in a timely manner and sometimes not at all; especially when bonuses are involved. Players should be very wary when they come across these casinos. They boast an attractive Welcome Bonus but at the end of the day you can’t be sure if you’ll actually get it.

Shark Casino is another casino that is renowned for not paying its Players. It has also been mentioned publicly on several occasions that they market to Problem Gamblers as a means of making a few extra dollars at the expense of an individual who would spend his last dollar on a few Slot machine spins; just to see if he/she will hit the Jackpot! If you’re sinking your money into a possibly lucrative career or hobby, you at least owe it to yourself to ensure that it’s one that you could actually make a few dollars from. If you’ve decided on Shark Casino, then think again! You won’t make any money from Shark, because they’ll find some excuse not to pay you.

Always do your research before you settle on any one gambling site because though there are several respected, accredited casinos, there are lots of rogue casinos that end up on casino blacklists in the mix.