How To Play Keno

Online Keno

Playing a game of Keno is very easy and if you’re familiar with playing the lottery you’ll really find it a breeze. In Keno players are required to select up to a maximum of 10 numbers from a card that is numbered 1 to 80.

Each number that you choose is referred to as a keno spot. Once the game is in play in a land based casino 20 balls are drawn from what is termed the “bubble” (like on lottery game shows) and at online casinos like Spin Palace Casino the random number generator (RNG) will produce 20 numbers in much the same way.

You will then check these numbers against your card selections (online games may do this automatically for you) to determine if you have any matching numbers and this will determine the value of your wins (if any) according to the pay table offered by the casino.