Roulette Bankroll Management Strategies

While most of us play Roulette for entertainment value, if we’re completely honest we’d admit that our ultimate goal when playing is to win as often and as much as we possibly can, after all, it’s never fun to lose money!

Unfortunately there is no surefire way to guarantee consistent wins when playing Roulette due to the fact that it ultimately comes down to luck rather than any effective Roulette Systems, there are however some tips that can be used to help you to increase your bankroll and enjoy higher payouts at the tables.

Before playing a game of Roulette, you will need to ascertain what type of session you’re looking to play, are you looking to play a more conservative game with longer game play sessions or do you prefer the thrill of high risk and an all or nothing approach?

The former is what is referred to as a low variance game, where you will use your bankroll to cover as many numbers on the Roulette table as possible, thus giving you a solid chance of enjoying increased numbers of wins but with lower returns.

This method of play is usually preferred by beginners or those with smaller bankrolls to play with. If you fall into this category you should always play with lower value chips in order to be able to spread your bets across as many numbers as you can. This approach reduces risk and offers you longer game play sessions. As mentioned though, the payoff for this is often low or even money, so don’t expect to enjoy any huge wins. Still, this is a great way for new players to gain exposure to the game and explore the different betting options and for those on a small budget to enjoy some great entertainment.

The other approach is a high variance one which is characterized by high risk with the opportunity for great rewards, but it does call for you to use your bankroll in an all or nothing approach. This can mean that you get the thrills you’re looking for, but your bankroll is depleted rather quickly if luck is not on your side. If it is however, you can be looking at some very generous wins.

When playing Roulette with a high variance approach, one of the main winning tips is to stick to wagering on straight up number bets. Select only five or six numbers on the table and restrict each bet amount to around a fifth of your total bankroll amount. In playing this way, only a single winning number can lead to huge returns.

These are two of the primary ways that you can manage and increase your Roulette bankroll when playing at an online casino. While luck is the main element at play in Roulette as no winning systems or proven strategy exist, when these guidelines are used in addition to our winning Roulette tips, they can go a long way in helping you to maximize your profits.