What is the point of a bonus you can’t cashout?

You may have come across an online casino bonus that is available via a promotional code for a limited period of time. While these offers always seem instantly appealing, but upon scrutiny you may have also noticed that while the casino in question is offering free money, the terms and conditions state that any bonus funds obtained through the promotion are for wagering purposes only and may not be withdrawn even after you have met the wagering requirements.

Bonuses like this, also known as Sticky Bonuses, may leave you wondering what the point of claiming a bonus is if you can never cash it out…it seems pretty pointless right? In fact, many player advisory sites will advise you never to accept these offers because they are pointless and not to your advantage.

But as any experienced player knows, the disadvantage of not being able to free the bonus funds in order to withdraw them is often far outweighed by the advantage that these offers tend to be considerably higher in value than most other bonus offers.

So while you can’t cash them out, you generally end up with way more casino credits to play with, for example if you deposit 1000 credits and receive a 100% match of 1000 sticky credits on top of that, you’ll get to play with 2000 credits.

The larger the bankroll you have to play with the longer you can play, and we all know that time spent is the key to earning greater returns when it comes to gambling. If you manage to earn yourself 10,000 credits in the duration of your game play, then you’ll be able to cashout 9000 of these, which is still a great taking for what was essentially free play.

As you can see from the above discussion, sticky bonuses do not have to be despised and avoided like some would have you believe, they can and often do work in your favour. Just ensure that you always read the associated terms and conditions before playing.