Best time to play at the casino

What is the best time of day to play at online casinos? This is a routine question amongst gamblers and especially slots players. Everyone is always looking for an edge and of course there are some players out there that insist that there are ideal times of day and certain months in the year that slots pay out best.

Some say that weekends and particularly Saturdays are the best time to play as these are busier time and as such, the casino’s overheads are covered more quickly and so they can “allow” their slots to pay out more. Some say that quiet times from 2am to 5am when the crowds who have spent their money thin will be when machines are “full” and “due” for a payout. Mondays are rumoured to be the worst days, because after the weekend the casinos “tighten” up their slots again to make profits for the week ahead.

If you’re searching for the best time to play slots at a casino, we regret to inform you that all of the above-mentioned theories are incorrect and should be filed under slots myths and misinformation.

The fact of the matter is that slot machines whether at land based, online or mobile casinos are all governed by Random Number Generators (RNG’s) which determine at random, when they pay out. Reputable casinos are audited and as such cannot “loosen” or “tighten” their slots at will to determine when they make money and when they pay out.

As such payouts for slot machines remain the same regardless of the time of day you play so there is no hidden trick or way to increase your chance of winning based on the time of day, month or year that you play.

So when is a good time to play casinos?

The answer to that question is multi-fold and will depend on a number of factors including:

1. You’re in the mood for some casino games entertainment

When the mood strikes and you’re up for some great entertainment, it’s a good time to visit one of the reputable, recommended online casinos on our list.

2. You have extra cash to spend on entertainment

Any time you have extra cash on hand to fund your casino bankroll is a good time to play. This means that you’ve paid your bills for the month and that all of your regular expenses are covered, so you can relax and enjoy guilt free casino games play without breaking the bank.

Alternatively if you don’t have your own cash and the casino rewards you with free play or a no deposit bonus, then it’s a good time to play too.

3. You get a promotional offer from an online casino that is worthwhile

Online and mobile casinos regularly offer players a variety of promotional action and bonuses. While not all are worth taking, if you receive an offer that has favourable terms and conditions and low play-through requirements then it’s a good time to play.

4. There’s a tournament on

Online casino tournaments, especially when it comes to slots tournaments offer players more favourable odds as you compete against other players for prize money rather than simply against the house edge. So if there’s a tournament on with good prizes for a low or no entry fee, then make sure you take advantage of it and get more game play for your money.