Casino War

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War is the first card game most people ever learn to play as it can be taught to someone in a few minutes and simply requires a standard single deck of 52 playing cards and two or more players.

Knowing how popular the game of War is, most online casinos offer a similar version of the game called Casino War which can be paid for real money. It is a very popular game amongst players, probably due to the fact that it brings back the nostalgia of youth as and is easy to play with the added perk of being able to win money when playing at a casino.

In the online and land based casino versions of the game, while you can play at a table with multiple players you will still only play against the dealer rather than your fellow players.

So whether you’ve played War before or not, give Casino War a try, it is a little different than War but you’ll quickly catch on and it’s a great deal of fun!

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