Promotional Code Pros and Cons

Promotional codes at online casinos are just another way for the casino to attract new players with bonus and promotional offers and just like any other offer you’ll find at online casinos, they come with their own unique set of pros and cons.

Here we’ll take a look at the benefits and pitfalls of these promotional tools so that you can make well informed decisions before electing to make use of these codes.

Promotional Code Pros

  1. There are vast numbers of promotional code offerings available to the discerning online casino player and by investing the time to do some research into who is offering what; you’ll be able to gain some pretty great incentives.
  2. As a player you have the option to test a variety of online casinos for free and due to the competitive nature of the industry you’ll often find that these casinos will try to outdo their competition and incentivise you to play at their property by offering some generous promotional codes which give you access to a variety of giveaways, bonuses and events when you make your deposit with them.
  3. There is never a shortage of promotional codes and this means that you’ll never have to deposit without some form of offer if you don’t want to.
  4. Promotional codes can be tailored by the casino to individual players, so if you’re a loyal customer or high roller, you’ll find that they can reward you more often by using these.

Promo Code Cons

  1. Promotional codes may become a hazard to you as a player if you lose sight of the real reason for using these in the first play – that is to enhance your enjoyment at the casino by giving you something for “free”. If however they encourage you to spend more money than you usually would have by continuing to make deposits after losses, it is time to stop playing.
  2. Some players become fixated on finding new promotional codes all the time which can seriously limit the fun of them. If you find that you are getting so caught up in finding the “perfect offer” that your playing is side-tracked and no longer enjoyable, you’re doing yourself a disservice. When finding the better bargain is more important than enjoying the game, you’re missing the point and it’s time to stop playing.
  3. Like all online and mobile casino offers, promotional codes have their own associated Terms and Conditions which generally involve bonus restrictions such as wagering requirements which must be met before you can cashout. Always take the time to read the fine print as these terms and conditions can often make a seemingly good offer not so good.
  4. Promotional codes are only valid for a specific time period so they do expire and often you’ll only find a promo code after its expiry date rendering it useless.
  5. Not all promotional codes can be used by all players, some carry exclusions or are targeted only to a specific group and cannot be shared or used by everyone who finds them.