How better Blackjack play affects your Casino Comps

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Thanks to the advent of technology that allows blackjack players to practice games at online and mobile casinos for free until they feel comfortable enough to play for real money, and enables the prolific dissemination of information to players regarding how to play a better game, blackjack players are playing a better game than ever before.

This means that players playing according to basic blackjack strategy while practicing sound bankroll management are facing a much lower house edge than players of days gone by. But what does this mean to you?

For casinos it means that their edge of around 2 to 2.5% over the average player has decreased to around 1% or less on blackjack games paying 3:2 for blackjack. Some authority sites report the house edge to be a mere 0.75% on these games.

This has a knock on effect for players like you, because with such low margins it means that casinos see less value in blackjack players and generally offer less comps and promotions to them. Remember they are a business and that business is making money.

If we look at this by way of example, it’s easier to understand why casinos view things the way they do. For example, if you play $25 a hand blackjack for 400 hands and bet a total of $10,000 over eight hours at a full seven-player game or around two hours if you’re playing one-on-one against the dealer. If the casino has a 2% advantage then the theoretical loss (or earnings for the casino) on your play will be $200. If the casino only has a 1% advantage they’re looking at earning $100 off you and of course on 0.75% that drops to a mere $75.

Let’s imagine that the casino offers a 10 to 20% return on their earnings in the form of comps. When awarding you with 10%, you’d receive $20 (if their edge was 2%), $10 on a 1% house edge and $7.50 on a 0.75% advantage. If comps are awarded at a rate of 20%, then you’d get $40, $20 and $15 respectively.

This shows just how much the lower house edge you’re achieving as a player cuts your comps value. But then again you need to be mindful that you’re actually losing less too, so does the lower comps rate really affect you that much? Probably not.