Why Match Deposit Bonuses are a Player Favourite

Have you ever wondered which type of online casino bonus is the most favoured amongst players? If you’re a new player you’re probably guess that it is the no deposit or free spins kind because, after all, you don’t have a to deposit a cent to play.

While this is a very attractive offer when you’re getting to know your way around online casinos, the no deposit and free spins bonuses come with their own unique advantages but also some important drawbacks. They are generally subject to a host of complex terms and conditions that make it exceptionally difficult to ever get any of your winnings out of the casino.

You may also be surprised to discover that more seasoned online casinos players generally prefer Match Deposit Bonuses to any other kind of offer or promotion and the reasons for this are fourfold.

Here we’ll take a look at why Match deposit bonuses are a firm player favourite and how to find the best ones the next time you play.

Terms and Conditions

Online casinos generally have pretty straight-forward terms and conditions attached to match deposit bonus offers. You deposit X, receive Y in addition to your deposit and are required to wager either the bonus amount or the bonus plus the deposit a certain number of times before you cashout.

These bonuses can generally be used when playing most online casino games, although some exceptions apply, and each game will count a certain percentage to fulfilling this requirement (slots generally count 100% and skill games like blackjack are either not eligible or count a much smaller percentage).

Other bonus offers however usually carry much higher risk for the casino and as such are subject to very strict wagering requirements or cannot be cashed out but only used as credits at the casinos. This is very disappointing if you happen to win big.

Match Deposit Bonuses are more common

The majority of online casinos offer some form of match deposit bonus, whether it be on your first deposit or over your first three and sometimes even five deposits, whereas no deposit bonuses are less common and require you to do a lot more “hunting” should you be looking for these.

More generous than no deposit bonuses

Match up bonuses are by nature larger than no deposit bonuses offered by casinos. You can get up to thousands of Euros in match deposit bonuses, whereas no deposit offers generally max out at around €10 due to the fact that the casinos incur higher risks when offering these.

These offers give players on-going rewards, Match deposit bonuses are not just restricted to new player offers but are often included in on-going promotions by casinos, making them more readily available than their counterparts.

As you can see from the above discussion, there are a number of reasons why match deposit offers are superior to anything else you can receive when playing at online casinos.