Red Dog Strategy & Winning Tips

Red Dog winning tipsDue to the fact that Red Dog is predominantly a game of chance, there is no complex winning strategy.

There is therefore only one suggestion for maximising your winning potential and that is to only “raise” a bet when the spread value is seven or more. The reason for this is simply that the only time a player is able to achieve and advantage over the house is when the value of the spread is seven or more. You will not obtain a winning hand until the 7 spread appears.

In general, the House edge in this game averages at around 2.8%. Should you raise bets on spreads one to six, the advantage will be heavily in the casinos favour. In a 7 spread, the house edge will drop to -12% making it a favourable betting option. Should you come across an eleven spread, the edge drops to -76% so make sure you raise on this.

Another tip is to look out for six deck Red Dog as this variation has the lowest house edge.

In a nutshell, you should only raise when the chances of winning are in your favour, and spread values below 11 should be avoided at all costs and if you can find it, play 6 deck Red Dog. Try this now at Roxy Palace Online Casino.