Jackpot City Casino raises funds for Aussie flood victims

Jackpot City Online CasinoJackpot City Online Casino recently proved that it is truly a casino with a big heart when it created an Australian Flood Relief Fund in order to raise money for flood victims in Queensland that have been displaced due to the massive floods which occurred in the area in January of this year.

According to reports, charity started at home with many of the casino’s staff making donations totalling AU$2,170 from their own pockets, this was then matched by casino management.  In addition, all proceeds from the casino’s Boomerang Australian Pokies tournament which was held in January were also added to the fund.  In total Jackpot City handed over AU$5,000 to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.

When questioned about the fund, Claire Anderson, the casino’s promotion and events co-ordinator related that the casino employs a number of Australian staff and is also frequented by players residing in the Queensland area.  All of the staff at the casino were deeply touched by the human tragedy in the country native to some of their colleagues, and felt the urge to help those who lived in the flooded areas.

This is a very heart-warming story and just goes to show that online casinos are capable of sharing their profits for the good of others.  Well done Jackpot City!