Online Gambling Staking Strategies


If you’ve been around the block once or twice in the online gaming world you’ve probably heard the term “Casino Staking Strategies“. If you haven’t or have but don’t really understand what these are all about, you’ve come to the right place.

Casino Staking Strategies are money management methods of betting that are employed by some online casino players in an attempt to maximize profits from bets in a short period of time. It is important to note that unlike game play strategies, these strategies do not alter the odds of the game in any way. They can however, be effective if used sensibly and on a short series of bets.

Here we will examine two potentially effective casino staking strategies that you may consider using during your online casino game play in future.

The Triple Jump

The Triple Jump staking strategy enables players to turn a profit if you are able to win out of a maximum of three even money bets. In order to put this strategy into practice, all you have to do is bet 1 credit on the first even money wager in the game you are playing. If you win the first bet you take 1 credit of the profit and stop betting. If however, you lose on your fist bet, you stake 2 credits on your second bet and if it wins, you take the 2 credits profit and stop betting – this way you will have earned 1 credit. If you lose your first two bets, then you wager 4 credits on the third bet and if you win you will still be one credit ahead (taking into account the 4 credits profit, less the 3 lost on your previous bets.

If however you lose the third bet, you should take the loss and stop playing rather than continuing to gamble in an attempt to recoup your losses. This type of control will not only ensure that you do not incur huge losses but also that you will never develop problem gambling behaviour.

Your “credits” can be of any denomination that you desire, for example if you want to bet $10 per credit then you would bet $10 on your first bet, $20 on your second bet and $40 on your third bet and your total risk would be $70. You can adjust the amounts that you wish to wager according to your bankroll and budget.

The Pentagon

While similar to the Triple Jump staking strategy, the Pentagon strategy dictates that you need to win just one bet out of five. Again, it is built on the premise of gradually increasing your bets and quitting as soon as you have enjoyed a win or five consecutive losses.

The staking pattern employed here is: 1,1, 2, 5, 10 and like the Triple Jump, it should only be used on even money bets like the Red or Black bet you’ll find in casino games like Roulette.

The maximum possible loss while employing this staking strategy is 19 credits, so there is a much bigger potential for loss than the Triple Jump but you also have more opportunities to win instead of just three offered by the Triple Jump. If you encounter a win on the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th wager then you will make a 1 credit profit. If you enjoy wins on the 2nd and 3rd bet then you will break even which means that you could continue to play if you wanted to. Five consecutive losses on the other hand would result in the aforementioned 19 credit loss and the end to your wagering.

Three or five consecutive losses may sound unlucky but they do happen and it is important to keep this in mind and only wager what you are prepared to lose when employing any online staking strategy.

If you are new to online casino staking strategies, or you would like to see how they work in theory, you could always keep a record on paper the next time you play games like Roulette or Blackjack online. Simply record your results and stakes (you’ll have to bet the same amount every time) and you can look at how the Triple Jump or Pentagon betting strategies could have worked for you.

These staking strategies can also be put to use in online casino tournaments where you have fixed potential losses, that is your buy-in, and you could then select either of these strategies to play a more aggressive game than those playing with level stakes on each bet.