The Truth about Luck

Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you or someone you know usually win when you play at the casino and it feels like Lady Luck is really on your side? Or do you feel like you have the opposite fate of being unlucky?

No matter what you may feel – lucky or unlucky, brace yourself…because there’s really no such thing as luck. It is simply a term used to describe a random result which can be applied to people, places or events. It is also a belief that casinos have cashed-in on over the decades to entice players as they offer them the “opportunity to change their lives” as they walk onto the casino floor. Think about it, this is far more alluring than advertising players who have continually lost at the casinos.

When you’re playing random games like slots at the casino no matter what your faith, beliefs, feelings, colour of your shirt, whether you have your lucky token or not or how much you’ve won or lost in the past are all irrelevant. Luck is not a presence or entity, and Lady Luck is not really some spirit or being that hovers around waiting for some people. These are all superstitions.

The reality is that luck is chance. If you sit and observe players at a casino for long enough you’ll find that even when they have their “lucky” items, some win and some lose. The token they are holding has no effect in any way.

If you observe a roulette game over hundreds or thousands of spins you will notice that players win and lose randomly. Certain players will be “lucky” for some spins and “unlucky” for others and at the end of it all some players will have won more than others, but what you are actually seeing is random results as there is nothing they could have done to alter the outcomes either way. The same applies to slots play which is governed by Random Number Generators. Even if you substituted all of the people at the table with other objects, pictures or items, the same results would have applied.

Ultimately this means that when people who play casino games like Keno, Slots or Roulette do well and walk away with a profit, it is not because they are lucky or deserving, it is purely a matter of chance. Likewise those who lose are not unlucky or being punished by the gods, but are merely experiencing the results of game variance, so again it’s all down to chance.

What has happened in gambling is that our emotions have gotten in the way of logic and created a totally incorrect rationale. If you look at things objectively you will find that there is no such thing as luck, unless you definite it as “chance“.