Largest Single Jackpot of more than $250,000 paid out at Everest Casino

Everest Casino

The game was Jackhammer Jackpot. The winner was K.P. from France. And the story was both unbelievable and inspiring.

K.P. was new to online gaming, having only registered her Everest Casino account in March. The Jackhammer slots game was virtually new to Everest as well, having been released in August 2008. And with one single pull of the slot machine lever, K.P. went from counting every dollar spent to more serious worries – worrying about how to spend all that money.

“I guess I will be reimbursing my house’s mortgage… Or maybe I will sell it back and buy a new, prettier one… Or maybe I’ll just try to live better every day, and stop counting money all the time — I don’t know yet!” K.P. said in an interview with Everest Casino.

Whatever her decision, one thing is for certain, she will not be playing anywhere else other than Everest Casino for a long, long time.

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