I-Gaming Expo in Macau

In 2001, Macau opened its gambling industry doors to foreign competition. This strategic move helped to move Macau from a locally controlled industry to a billion dollar success story. By 2006 Macau had become the largest gaming sector in the world with revenues surpassing that of the Las Vegas Strip.

Macau’s infrastructure is one of the reasons that the i-Gaming expo is so successful. The ease of travel to and from Macau, its extensive technological progress, and its rich gambling culture all play a vital role. At this year’s AiG, which is scheduled for February 24th – 26th, all the major Players in the industry will be in attendance and the Venetian will be a spectacle to behold. Products and services will be exhibited and introduced; deals will be made; and networking will provide attendees with lucrative business opportunities.

This year, the AiG will consist of two two pre-conference strategy days with the first looking at Mobile Gaming and the second being an Asian Marketing Masterclass. The speaker list features high profile names such as Matti Zinder (CEO of Spin3) and Dennis Valdes (President of PhilWeb) to name a few. In its 7th year and with just a few days left to the start of the event, the AiG show is already sold out. This is a tell-tale sign that Macau has a strong-hold on online gambling and does not intend on loosening the grip any time soon.