Betfair vs. the Dutch Ministry of Justice

The world-renowned betting exchange, Betfair, announced that it has filed an action with the Dutch government, after the Dutch Ministry of Justice reportedly issued a letter advising the Dutch banks “…not to process payments from any Dutch customers wishing to place a bet on any legal gaming website”.

Betfair also issued a formal complaint to the European Commission citing that the actions of the Dutch Government blatantly “fly in the face of the EU principles”. Mark Davies, Betfair’s Managing Director, is not pleased in the slightest, as can be expected and has openly voiced that the Dutch Government is “desperate” and has “resorted to illegal tactics that prevent consumer choice and go against the treaty”.

Dutch residents are currently allowed to bet online with De Lotto. Betfair is a licensed operator in the EU community, including UK, Malta, Austria and Germany. They are therefore entitled to accept bets from the Netherlands. Stay tuned to find out the outcome.