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The Truth about Luck

Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you or someone you know usually win when you play at the casino and it feels like Lady Luck is really on your side? Or do you feel like you have the opposite fate of being unlucky?

No matter what you may feel – lucky or unlucky, brace yourself…because there’s really no such thing as luck. It is simply a term used to describe a random result which can be applied to people, places or events. It is also a belief that casinos have cashed-in on over the decades to entice players as they offer them the “opportunity to change their lives” as they walk onto the casino floor. Think about it, this is far more alluring than advertising players who have continually lost at the casinos.

When you’re playing random games like slots at the casino no matter what your faith, beliefs, feelings, colour of your shirt, whether you have your lucky token or not or how much you’ve won or lost in the past are all irrelevant. Luck is not a presence or entity, and Lady Luck is not really some spirit or being that hovers around waiting for some people. These are all superstitions.

The reality is that luck is chance. If you sit and observe players at a casino for long enough you’ll find that even when they have their “lucky” items, some win and some lose. The token they are holding has no effect in any way.

If you observe a roulette game over hundreds or thousands of spins you will notice that players win and lose randomly. Certain players will be “lucky” for some spins and “unlucky” for others and at the end of it all some players will have won more than others, but what you are actually seeing is random results as there is nothing they could have done to alter the outcomes either way. The same applies to slots play which is governed by Random Number Generators. Even if you substituted all of the people at the table with other objects, pictures or items, the same results would have applied.

Ultimately this means that when people who play casino games like Keno, Slots or Roulette do well and walk away with a profit, it is not because they are lucky or deserving, it is purely a matter of chance. Likewise those who lose are not unlucky or being punished by the gods, but are merely experiencing the results of game variance, so again it’s all down to chance.

What has happened in gambling is that our emotions have gotten in the way of logic and created a totally incorrect rationale. If you look at things objectively you will find that there is no such thing as luck, unless you definite it as “chance“.

Mermaids Millions Multi-player Cash Drop Promotion

Software giant Microgaming is celebrating the launch of its recently launched Mermaids Millions Multi-player online slot with a Cash Drop Promotion.

Over the next three weeks participating Microgaming powered online casinos like Luxury Online Casino will be giving away €5,000 which will be divided into 100 prizes of €50.

While these amounts are definitely not in the high roller casino bonus league and probably won’t even get your pulse racing, any chance at earning free money is better than no money at all. So if you’re in the mood to try out this game in multiplayer mode, grab some friends and for every €/$/£10 you wager you’ll earn yourself a ticket into the weekly lucky draw.

The promotion will consist of 4 draws, each rewarding 25 lucky players with a cash prize of €50 and the final bonus round which will include qualifying players from the previous weeks will take place on the 28th of January.

Mermaids Millions Multiplayer is based on the highly successful Mermaids Millions Online Slot. This 5×3 reel, 25 payline game now allows for up to six players to play simultaneously in a virtual casino room, sharing screenshots, bonus rounds and chatting via the in-game chat function, all of which add a new, social and fun dimension to the previous solitude of online gambling.

Get 10 Free Spins on New Fairytale Slots

Once upon a time there was an online casino, it was the most entertaining and generous in all the web and it invited all of the people in the land to enjoy it’s bounty…

If you love fairytales, then William Hill Casino Club is the place to play and their latest promotion is one that you truly do not want to miss! From now until the 31st of January 2016, in addition to their generous deposit bonus offer you will also be given a 10-Spin Bonus when you deposit £10 or more and use the promo code 10NEW.

You will then be able to use these free bonus spins on any three of William Hill Casino Club’s three enchanting new games, The Winnings of Oz, Fairest of Them All and Bounty of the Beanstalk – all of which are themed around beloved fairy stories, guaranteed to excite and delight you as you return to the magical memories of childhood. As always, terms and conditions as well as bonus restrictions apply and this offer is subject to a 15x wagering requirement.

Let’s take a look at these games now:

Winnings of Oz Slot

The Winnings of OZ

Based on the L. Frank Baum novel The Wizard of Oz, The Winnings of Oz is a remarkable 5 reel, 25 payline slot that definitely does this fairytale justice in every way. From the lilting musical score in the background to the outstanding graphics, every step you take down the yellow brick road towards the Emerald City with Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow will be a delight.

The game features not one, but two bonus rounds – A walk along the Yellow Brick Road and Meet the Great Wizard of Oz, both of which are linked to the progressive jackpot prize. In the free spins game the Wicked Witches are pitted against each other before a final Super Spin with the potential for massive prizes.

Fairest of them All online slot

Fairest of them All

Based on the fairytale Snow White, Fairest of them All is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot that is filled with beloved characters including various furry little critters, the seven dwarves, the evil queen, the witch and of course a beautiful maiden and her charming prince.

The game that takes place against the backdrop of the enchanted forest offers a generous progressive jackpot. There is also a Modifier feature which has six possible modifiers, which change the symbols, activate bonuses, offer multipliers or additional spins – all of which increase your rewards!

Bounty of the Beanstalk Slot

Bounty of the Beanstalk

If you loved the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk then William Hill’s new “Bounty of the Beanstalk” slot is one you don’t want to miss. Watch Jack plant his magic beans and climb the beanstalk into a world of danger and reward!

In this game the free spins award you with sticky wilds and the slot also offers a bonus round wherein you can select between a variety of prizes…all you have to do is walk quietly to the table and pick any of them, but be careful not to wake the angry giant!

The progressive jackpot is yours for the taking when you find all of the golden items, so try the slot now to turn your magic beans into giant wins!

The Best Way to Play with Free Money?

From time to time online and mobile casinos award players with free play in terms of bonuses and comps but have you ever wondered if it’s better to use this “free money” to play one game instead of another?

The answer to that question very much depends on your objective as a player. If you love to play a specific online slot, then the best way to use your free play or free money offers from casinos is to play it rather than using your own money to do so.

If however, your goal is to convert as much of the bonus money into cash as possible, then it’s advisable to select a game with the lowest house edge and largest possible returns, for example video poker. Doing so does however require the bonus to have terms and conditions that allow you to cash out any wins that you make.

It is also important to bear in mind that the majority of casino bonuses carry specific wagering requirements and each game is weighted differently. When video poker is permitted by a casino, it usually counts a lower percentage in fulfilling these – for example slots may count 100% so for every $20 you wager, $20 counts towards the figure you must wager. Video poker on the other hand may only count 80% which means that for every $20 you wager, $16 counts towards meeting the requirement.

Still, video poker games usually have a higher payout rate than slots and are also way less volatile, so you’re more likely to make a profit, even if it takes longer to meet the wagering requirement.

If you’re already a video poker player with a good skill level, then using your money to play games with the highest pay tables available is advisable. On the other hand, if you play slots or any other table game and are just playing video poker to maximise your returns, then it’s best to play low volatility variants like Bonus Poker or Jacks or Better. These games pay 2:1 for pairs as opposed to 1:1 which games like Double Double Bonus Poker that attribute more of their payouts to jackpot hands.

As you can see, how you use your free money is up to you and will really depend on whether your goal is to play for fun or profit. If it’s the latter, then low volatility video poker games offer you the best bet at converting your free money into cash.