“Unlucky” Jackpot unclaimed by player

We’ve heard many things in our day, but a player not wanting to collect a supposedly “unlucky” jackpot has to be a first! 

Chinese player “Mr C” as he is known, won the WowPot Slot Jackpot of £4,444 at Jackpot City Casino earlier this month.  Although the player was initially ecstatic at his win, he later refused to claim it, apparently concerned that the amount won was “unlucky” and an ominous signifier of death.

According to Chinese culture, the number 4 is pronounced like the word for death and is therefore a very unlucky number, so put four 4’s in a row in a jackpot and the superstitious in the culture are sure to be concerned.

Terry Maverick, the spokes person for Jackpot City stated that the player had contacted the casinos customer service department regarding the amount and while he doesn’t want to lose the money, he fears it will bring bad luck upon himself or his family if he accepts it.  Casino personell are currently talking to the player in order to ascertain how the situation would be best handled to ensure a happy outcome for him.

While many gamblers are notoriously superstitious and stories abound of lottery winners who subsequently suffer from bad luck, this is believed to be the first real life instance of a player refusing to accept their winnings from an online casino.