Absolute Poker Casino Game Rigged?

Absolute Poker which is part of the Cereus network is no stranger to controversy, fraud and cheating allegations, security issues, software glitches and more. The first issues were reported back in 2007/2008 when the company was embroiled in a major cheating and fraud poker scandal wherein their poker games were compromised by a high ranking consultant who accessed the groups security systems, enabling him to manipulate internal systems and access third-party computers and accounts to view other players hole cards during tournament games, thus ensuring that he could win substantial sums of money throughout the duration of the scam.  The case came to an end in 2008 and Absolute Poker paid restitution to all players involved, and was fined $500,000 by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC), ordered to place a surety with the commission for two years against future conduct as well as to undergo random auditing at their own expense on an ongoing basis.

With the two year probation barely up, earlier this year the group had to deal with an encryption method breach wherein the Cereus encryption methods were shown to be easily hacked and it was then possible for the hacker to hijack a player account and once again see hole cards in real time if the hacker was able to access the users Internet connection.  The group acknowledged the security breach and promised to fix the problem.  

Just a few short months later it seems the Absolute Poker Casino has yet another potential issue on their hands but this time it’s their traditional Keno casino game that is under scrutiny and allegations being made include that the game is rigged and the results show that Random Number Generator (RNG) is allegedly not random at all and produces very obvious patterns. 

While those behind the allegations do note this system may not have been manufactured intentionally they do insist that this is the type of error that should not occur at licensed, reputable casinos and the fact that it exists does allude to incompetence on behalf of the group and the lack of regard for implementing proper procedures.  However, it does appear that the Absolute Poker Keno’s RNG or lack thereof may lead to improved results for players in some aspects (as opposed to those in their previous poker tournament debacle).  While players still lose, and because the results are not random, the player will have a much lower chance of winning but the losses are lower than they would be in a fair Keno game regulated by a high quality RNG.

While it seems that Absolute Poker has taken action to rectify the problem on their Keno game, the issue has cast speculation on the other casino games offered by Absolute Poker and Unibet (as they run on the same software and could potentially be the same).  The group is yet to release a statement.