Gambling Debt ends in Murder

Vietnamese Tran Thi Thuy Lieu may face life imprisonment after admitting to the gruesome murder of her husband over her$75,000 gambling debt.

According to reports, Le Hoang Hung aged 50 died in hospital 10 days after suffering third degree burns to half of his body.  At first Lieu denied any involvement in her husband’s death, claiming that she had been asleep with their two daughters when her husband, embroiled in flames had burst into the room.  Initial investigations were made into criminal elements that may have sought revenge against Hung for his bold reporting on crime and corruption, but police later discovered Lieu’s massive gambling debts and the fact that she had often argued with her husband about financial matters. 

According to Lieu, after building their home the couple had to pay off their debts and she though that gambling if well researched would be an easy way to make money.  She admits to losing more than she ever won and this ended up in heated arguments which ended with her trying to scare her husband into selling the house to cover their debts by setting the room in which he slept alight.  Lieu defends herself saying she never meant to kill him, but the courts will have the final say over that in the months to come.  Ironically, many criminals and gangs have tried to have Hung killed in the past but none succeeded.

While this story is truly a tragedy, one can definitely learn, amongst other things, that no matter how “well researched” gambling is not a quick fix to financial problems and problem gambling can harm not only the player but their family too. 

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