Making Big Money Off Small Budgets at Casinos

When it comes to playing at casinos we often get asked if a player can make big money at a casino with a small bankroll and while the short answer to that question is “yes” but you’ll need the illusive lucky streak to do it. There’s no way to get around that or manufacture luck. Here we take a look at the various player strategies you may encounter when attempting to win big at the casinos on a shoestring budget and whether or not they actually work.

Some players advocate betting on low probability high payoff bets at table games. An example of this would be betting on a single number at roulette where the payoff is 35:1 which means you can make $350 for the risk of a mere $10. When playing on an American Roulette (or double zero) wheel these kinds of bets have a 2.6% chance of success, this means that over a period of 10 spins with a bankroll of $100 you have a 23% chance of winning once in the ten spins which will earn you anything from $260 to $3,500, that means you have a 77% chance of walking away empty handed in around 15 minutes.

Side or bonus bets on table games are another popular strategy amongst players, these types of bets usually pay 1:1 or a small multiple of the original bet which means that they don’t yield huge fortunes even over a longer winning streak but also never result in huge losses, just longer game play and enjoyment.

Other players prefer to play slots and believe that “feeding” the slot machine will lead to wealth. With the huge variation in coin sizes you can keep each bet at a comfortable value but you have to keep in mind that lower value bets do yield lower payout amounts and while there are the potential for huge jackpot wins that yield exponential return, these are rare. In general frequent, low value wins lead to lots of excitement and good entertainment value while keeping you hooked at the potential to win the jackpot that will change your life forever while the house edge slowly eats at your bankroll.

Then there is the approach of “Playing with the casino’s money” wherein you make large wagers with bonus money or previous casino earnings rather than your own money. To make use of a simplified example with a $100 stake you make $5 Pass bets at the Craps table, when you win you double the bet to $10 using your own $5 and the $5 you just won, if you win the next bet you’ll be $15 up and so on. If you lose on the first round though your balance will be $5 down and “Pass bets” only carry a 49.29% success rate which means continuing in a winning fashion on a consistent basis is highly unlikely. Also, always keep in mind that winnings at a casino when using bonus money do carry wagering requirements which will need to be met before they can be cashed out…so while you may theoretically be playing with casino money, converting it to your own may be more difficult than you think!

While many of these methods may prove to be effective with a stroke of luck, statistically however, none are the holy grail of betting strategies, so all you can hope for is that you’ll play the right game at the right time. Good luck!