Do Online Casinos Have Different Rules?

Online Casino Rules

Not all online casinos are created equal and there are some significant differences from one group to another. This means that apart from certain rules and regulations set out by the online gaming commission, casinos can offer very different rules, odds and promotions that can give them a better edge. For example, one online casino may offer line odds of 3 times the line bet while another may offer 10 times the bet.

Bonuses and games also differ and one casino may offer a variety of Pai Gow tables and bonuses on specific hand while others will not offer the game at all or just have one table. Baccarat is another game that sees very different bonuses, odds and numbers of tables at casinos. You can always tell by the number of variations of a certain game whether or not a casino wants to have a great deal of action on it. For example, there are thousands of different types of slots with many different themes available at online casinos (and land based ones for that matter); this shows that the casino generates most of its revenues off these types of games. There are usually also a number of blackjack and roulette tables whereas games like Sic Bo, Baccarat and Pai Gow enjoy lesser numbers.

It is very important to always review games rules, especially across games with newer variations as these can affect your enjoyment of the game a great deal and rules that are at the discretion of the house need to be fully understood to ascertain whether or not they are fair or just a way to increase the house advantage.

While reading rules before playing your favourite game may seem like as much fun as reading the casino terms and conditions, it really is something that needs to be done to ensure that you enjoy your casino experience, rather than ending up in disputes because you didn’t realise that a game had certain rules or odds after you have played.

Remember that if you don’t like the rules on a certain game you can always look elsewhere because these do differ from one casino to another and you will find one that is a good fit for you.