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Gaming companies want freedom of movement

Gambling operators eager to tap into the monopolized European market, will have an even longer wait as the two Dutch gaming cases involving Ladbrokes, Betfair, and the Dutch State monopoly De Lotto, continue at the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

According to law, the EU member states can legally grant a single Operator the right to run betting and gaming operations. However, the Operators have argued that this limits their mobility and is in breach of the core EU principles on “freedom of movement”. The ECJ is in favour of the restriction and sees it as a means of protecting the player from fraud.

Yves Bot, advocate-general, said that, in order to extend gaming licenses, a competitive tender procedure should be introduced, as long as it does not affect public order and other important matters. He went on to confirm that member states do not have to recognise gambling licences which operators have obtained in other EU countries.

European Lotteries said that it welcomed the confirmation of the court’s previous jurisprudence.