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Mobile Casino Gambling vs. Online Casino Gambling

Mobile gambling is nothing new, but it is still a fairly underdeveloped form of gambling. Mobile gaming uses modern day technology to make casino games available on your mobile phone or other hand-held device such as a PDA. The software platform used for mobile gaming is JavaScript. It is ideal for mobile gaming because it is fully compatible with most devices that were developed in the last 5 or so years. It is also very versatile, having the capability to expand or shrink to fit the screen of even your mobile phone and several functionalities can be removed or added depending on the hardware.

There are a few advantages with using mobile gaming software over online casino software. Although online gambling has a true-to-life look and feel, it has its downsides too. Take for example the inconvenience of not being able to play at any time if you own a desktop. Or, better yet, having to worry about power cables and wireless internet issues if you own a laptop. Imagine being at a restaurant during your lunch break, waiting for your meal. Let’s say you decide you want to play your favourite slots game while you wait for your order. You have your trusty laptop, but, alas, you are not sitting at a table that has a wireless outlet in close proximity! Another scenario could happen right at home. You make a sandwich, grab yourself a drink from the fridge, and get ready to plunk in front of the PC to play Blackjack. You round the corner to the den anticipating your plays as you go over the Basic Blackjack Strategy pointers you’ve been memorizing. But, alas (again), who should you see sitting in front of the PC? A family member, spouse, or your significant other, checking their Facebook account. And, if you know Facebook well enough, you know they’ll be on there for hours!

Mobile gaming eliminates these issues. You can truly play at any time, anywhere, and whenever you want – in the waiting room at the dentist, in the park, on the bus or train, or God forbid, while your girlfriend is shoe shopping or while your boyfriend is hogging the TV playing video games!

Popular online casino games are also very easy to play on your mobile; Video Poker, Slots, and Blackjack in particular, and the quality is still pretty good. Of course, you won’t have the same playability or variety of games as when playing casino games online, but these are still not good enough reasons why you shouldn’t at least try mobile gaming.

Mobile casino games are secure, the download time is quick, and you can even play in Offline mode, depending on which online casino you choose. If you’re on your mobile phone, you can also receive calls while playing. Whether you choose to receive or reject the call, your game session is saved on the casino server so you can resume playing immediately.

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