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Games to Play in May

It’s another new month and we all know what that means…more new games to look forward to!

Here’s what you can expect to play in May 2016 at the various online casinos:


On the 23rd of May, NetEnt powered casinos will be cashing in on the “Football Fever” that will be taking the world by storm in June and July with the launch of their Euro 2016 inspired game, the Football Champions Cup slot.

To date, NetEnt hasn’t released many sporting themed slots, but it looks like that’s about to change! The 5 reel, 20 payline Football Champions Cup slot, in true NetEnt style, will be packed with features including overlay wilds, a pick me feature as well as a free spins feature .

The game will also feature a two stage bonus features set in a penalty shootout game format. In the first feature you assume the role of the penalty taker and position your shot in one of four positions within the goal posts over 5 penalty shots. Whenever you score a cash prize is added to your balance.

Football Champions Cup Slot Penalty shootout
Football Champions Cup Slot Penalty shootout

In the second part of the bonus game you will assume the role of the goalie and for every penalty you save you’ll be awarded a multiplier to the cash you won in the first part of the bonus game.

The size of the multiplier will be determined by the number of bonus symbols that triggered the feature, awarding you with anything from 3x to 14x your money on four bonuses and 5x to 15x your wins if you are lucky enough to trigger the 5th bonus shootout.

The Free Spins feature is designed in a knock-out football tournament format where you need to progress from the top 16 all the way through to the final round in order to claim the ultimate prize of a 500x multiplier.

This slot is set to offer loads of action and if you play it at Mr Green casino, is bound to have some kind of fabulous promotion and casino deals to celebrate its launch. So look out for it on the 23rd of May.


Microgaming’s May offering comes in the form of the 5×3 reel, 9 payline Win Sum Dim Sum video slot.

It’s yet another of Microgaming’s “foodie” slots joining the ranks of Wasabi San, Harvey’s and Buffet Bonanza to bring you another tasty treat.

Set against the backdrop of a Chinese restaurant decorated with teapots and bamboo steamers and of course dishes of dim sum dishes like Ha Gow and Shu Mai.

The game is packed with action offering up to 15 re-triggering free spins within the free spins feature as well as expanding wilds which add even more winning potential and of course a variety of in-game achievements to keep you entertained. Not to mention the opportunity to win up to 75,000 credits as the main jackpot prize.

While the theme may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is a fun and potentially rewarding game.

How to advance past Beginner status in Blackjack

Despite being a game that doesn’t count much towards fulfilling casino bonus wagering requirements, Blackjack is one of the few casino games where you can significantly increase your odds of winning based on your skills and ability to play the game.

The majority of players start out by learning the rules of the game and then advancing to basic game play principles, but many never really advance much further than this due to the time and effort required to do so. As such, they never really advance past beginner levels and their bankrolls suffer as they continue to play the game at a basic level.

If however, you’re one of the few who want to up your game and start to win more than you lose when playing blackjack, we have a few tips that will help you to push past the mediocre and get you on the path to earning 99% plus payouts.

In order to do this you will need to be aware of the fact that each option you have during at game at any given time will have an associated average win or loss implication. You may imagine that surrendering your hand or doubling with a hard 20 against a dealer with an up card of six would payout at a low rate in comparison to standing, but the differences are not always as large as they seem. Likewise, knowing whether you should hit or double when you’re holding a soft total of 14 when the dealer is showing four will come down to very small margins.

The key to improving your game is to eliminate as many, if not all, of the mistakes that you make that have large margins and to also work toward eliminating mistakes that have smaller margins.

There are a few key areas to focus on in order to do this, the first is knowing exactly when to hit and stand if you are holding a total of 12 or higher and are up against weak dealer hands. Each of these situations will require that you learn the fine guidelines set out in blackjack strategy and follow them every time.

Another important area of interest that has small margins for error is when you are holding a soft total against a weak dealer hand because sometimes it will be more profitable to hit and at other times, doubling will be better. This scenario does come up quite often in the game so it’s important to know how to play each hand.

A single mistake will not send you spiralling into disaster, but making the same mistakes time after time will definitely affect your win rate and bankroll, so instead of wasting money, invest the time and learn to play skilfully so that you can see a return on your efforts.

Knowing When to Let It Ride

When compared to other casino games, the Let it Ride Poker variant is relatively new to casinos when compared with more traditional games like blackjack and roulette that enjoy a long casino history, being added to most game offerings in 1993. Since its addition it has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity thanks to the fact that it is easy to learn yet remains a very interesting and highly entertaining game.

The game requires players to play against the house rather than other players or the dealer and you will be required to make two major decisions in order to be successful in this game. Here we’ll look at the correct way to play by deciding when you should “let it ride” by actually placing a wager and when you should sit out.

There are a number of scenarios to consider in this game, but let’s consider the simplest first – if you are holding four cards you should look to see if you can make any hand that is a pair of tens or better. If you do then you should always keep your bet on the table. Of course any four card flush draw is also a keeper that you should play as well as any open-ended straight draw. If however you don’t have at least a single card in your hand that is of a ten value or higher your wager will inevitably break even rather than earning you anything.

In scenarios where you have three cards you need to be more cautious when it comes to letting it ride as you’ll have fewer reasons to do so. Hands where you have a pair of tens are better are an obvious one to retain, as is a hand that has any three cards to make a Royal Flush and any three consecutive cards of three or higher.

For every gap you encounter in a three cards, straight-flush draw, you will require a single high card valued at 10 or better to justify playing the hand. This means that if you have a Ten, Nine and Seven of Spades, you should play it as your ten will make up for the gap, the same applies to a hand comprised of a Jack, Ten and Seven as there are two gaps but two high cards. A hand consisting of a Ten, Eight and Six or Jack, Eight and Seven however should not be played as there are two gaps and only one high card.

As you can see from the above, there are many scenarios where you should “Let it Ride” when playing this game and you will profit from these bets, but not all hands should be played in this way. Knowing the difference will have a significant impact on your bankroll and overall long term profitability.

Microgaming Casinos launch New Multi-Player Casino Games

Multi-player slots

Multi-player casino games are a relatively new phenomenon at online casinos which were designed to allow a group of players to enjoy a specific game simultaneously. Being able to logon to an online casino and join other players for a game really adds a social factor to online gambling that was previously missing and gave land based casinos the edge. Now, multiplayer games enable casino players from across the globe to meet new people and have more fun than ever before.

The social aspect however, is not the only feature that multi-player games offer players; they are also well designed, can be used in tournament structures adding not only more entertainment and variety as the number of titles available grow, but they also have the potential to be very lucrative and rewarding.

It is not surprising that more and more multi-player titles are being added to online casinos games portfolios on a regular basis. The most recent additions have been released at Microgaming powered online casinos like Spin Palace and include two new games, entitled Leagues of Fortune and Karate Pig.

Leagues of Fortune is a deep sea themed, 5 reel, 1024 Ways to Win video slot which forsakes the usual payline structure to bring you many more ways to win with just a single spin. The game also offers the opportunity to earn up to 35 free spins with a 5x multiplier bonus for even more rewards. With so much action and potential to reap the fortunes hidden in the depths of this game, it’s sure to be a multi-player favourite.

Karate Pig was originally released a few years back as a standard video slot, but this title has now been re-introduced in the multi-player format too. The game is 40 payline video slot that features a hilarious take on the Karate Kid, featuring a martial arts expert that just happens to be a pig. It is action packed from start to finish with stacked wilds that give you multi-line wins easily as well as a free spins bonus round and a bonus feature where the pig shows off his karate moves. Now that this game offers a multi-player feature it’s sure to be more fun than ever before.

These two new titles bring Microgaming multi-player casino games to 17 titles in total in addition to all of the other awesome slots games already available and we’re sure to see more in the months to come. So if you’re tired of playing solo, why not join in on some multi-player action at Spin Palace? We guarantee that you’ll enjoy every minute of the experience!

Playtech Releases best Double Blackjack Attack version yet

Derived from the rule that enables a blackjack player to double his bet after seeing the dealer’s face up Card, Double Attack Blackjack has become a very popular game and while the majority of online casinos offer variants of this game, Playtech has recently released a version that is more entertaining and exciting than all of the others combined.

Playtech’s Double Attack Blackjack utilises eight Spanish decks (each consisting of 48 cards). For those who are not aware, Spanish Card decks contain no ten cards at all. Once you have placed your initial wager a single dealer card is dealt facing upwards in plain view. At this point, the player cards are not yet dealt and based on the dealer’s face up card; you have the option to place an added Double Attack bet up to the value of the initial wager. After you’ve made your choice on whether or not to place a Double Attack bet you first to cards will be dealt facing upwards while the dealer’s second card is dealt facing downwards and the game continues in the same way as standard Blackjack does.

Detailed rules of this game are available in the Help file in the Menu section of your player dashboard and it is advised that you read these before player but here are a few of the most important rules to keep in mind when playing Blackjack Double Attack:

  • Split hand wagering totals are equal to the sum of both the initial and Double Attack wagers.
  • You may only double the first bet and the Double Attack bet.
  • Dealer checks for blackjack.
  • If the dealer holds an Ace as his/her face up card, insurance will be offered before checking for blackjack.
  • You may surrender after hitting, doubling or splitting but not after opting to “stand’
  • If you place a Double Attack wager against an Ace or Face Card you will only lose your initial wager if the dealer holds blackjack.

As can be expected from game variations with changes in standard rules, payouts are also altered as follows:

  • Player win (including blackjack win) pays out at even money
  • Insurance Bet pays 5:2

Playtech’s Double Attack Blackjack also offers the very exciting Bust It side bet feature which is an optional bet but has to be placed at the beginning of each hand with the initial wager in the primary game. The Bust It Side Bet works as follows:

  • You have to be participating in the main game to place this bet.
  • This bet pays out if the dealer busts with exactly 3 cards.
  • In order to fulfil and settle this bet, the dealer draws a third card even if you have busted or hold blackjack.
  • You can win with the Bust It bet even if you lost in the primary game.

As you can see from the above, Playtech’s exciting version of Double Attack Blackjack is packed with action and possible rewards. So if you’re a blackjack fan in the mood for a change, why not play it at Europa Casino now!

To enhance your blackjack experience and improve your chances of making money when you play, check out our winning blackjack tips.

Playtech Casinos Launch Marvel Roulette

Marvel Roulette

If you thought that nothing unique and exciting could be done to enhance the already awesome game of roulette, think again! Software giant Playtech recently launched an innovative new online roulette variant which incorporates its most popular and powerful brand – the Marvel Superheroes into a hybrid game that will have you reeling with delight.

The game which is appropriately titled Marvel Roulette features the standard roulette wheel with numbers 1 to 36 and 0 as well as all of the standard roulette betting options (including racetrack bets) and standard payouts apply. In addition to this however, the game offers a special Marvel Bonus bet option which has two Marvel features…and that’s where it gets really exciting!

The first feature is the Marvel Bonus which is triggered when players place their bets on the Marvel Bonus position on the table and the ball comes to rest in the corresponding position on the Roulette wheel. This bonus feature is a three-reel slot game that incorporates the bet that was placed in the main game with the aim of obtaining three identical Marvel symbols on the reels. In this game you will receive three Free spins wherein you’ll encounter eight of the Marvel Movie superheroes including Iron Man, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Ghost Rider and Thor the Mighty Avenger. This fantastic line-up not only yields loads of excitement and payouts from 4:1 to 99:1 and the best part is that in the bonus round you’re guaranteed to win!

Marvel Roulette also incorporates the multi-level, progressive Marvel Mystery Jackpot game that is featured in the Marvel slots and it functions in exactly the same way. The feature is randomly triggered after any spin of the roulette wheel on any bet size, even if the spin does not yield a payout. Like with most bonus features, the probability of triggering them does increase proportionally to the bet size. When the Jackpot game is triggered, you are assured of winning one of the four progressive jackpots up for grabs. The Power Jackpot resets at €50, the Extra Power Jackpot at €500, the Super Power Jackpot at €5,000 and the Ultimate Power Jackpot resets at €100,000.

In addition to the two features that have been incorporated into the new Marvel Roulette, there are also other characteristics that bare mentioning. One such feature is that players are able to toggle the spin direction of the roulette wheel, selecting whether it should turn clockwise or counter-clockwise by simply clicking on the “Direction” button. Another feature is that up to four sets of bets can be saved as “Favourites” and placed onto the table with just one click of the button. The game also features two options when it comes to modes of autoplay, namely simple and advanced. The simple mode allows you select the number of rounds to play while the advance mode allows for the setting of stop conditions.

This game definitely has re-invented the Roulette wheel, offering not only tons of entertainment but also the opportunity for HUGE rewards. Don’t miss out, be one of the first to try it out at Europa Casino now.

Microgaming November Games Preview

Each month Microgaming powered online casinos like Golden Riviera go the extra mile to please their players. Not only do they offer a wealth of promotions but also exciting new games releases every month. Here’s a sneak peek at what new games are in store for November.

Break Away

Break Away Slot

Break Away is a fast paced, sports themed 243 Ways to Win, 5×3 Reel Video slot that will have your adrenaline and pulse racing from start to finish. This slot is packed with action and surprises and includes all of the features you love like Wilds – both Smashing and Stacked in addition to standard wilds, Multipliers, Scatter symbols and of course a bonus feature.

Watch out for the two animated hockey players because when they come crashing in on reels 2,3 and 4 the whole reels become wild and activate the Smashing Wild feature. The Break Away logo also offers generous rewards and when it appears on reels 3,4 or 5 you’ll be put in line to win with up to 40 Stack Wilds being delivered to you.

This is definitely a game not to be missed!


Octopays Slot

Explore the depths of the ocean with the aquatic themed 5 reel, 243 Ways to Win Video slot Octopays.

This slot is packed with astounding graphics of sunken treasure, sea creatures and more. As you explore the hidden treasures of the deep look out for the baby octopus on reels 2 and 4 because this will activate the Kraken featured which will reward to with the opportunity to win Free Spins. In this feature floating octopi drift magically across the reels to complete winning combinations and if they are accompanied by a Moray Eel then your wins will be multiplied by 2x!

This slot offers outstanding opportunities to earn combinations, multipliers and wins of up to 16,000 coins in the Free Spins feature.

So if you’re looking for big winnings and rewards in November as well as some awesome slots games action, head on over to Golden Riviera Casino.

Mega Moolah Jackpot passes the 4 Million Mark

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive slots online, this is not only because it is really a fantastically crafted game, but also because it regularly pays out millions!

The atmosphere at Microgaming powered online casinos like Golden Riviera is one of anticipation as they await the next massive payment of 4.1 million and counting that will change someone’s life! As the progressive jackpot total grows more players are playing the game and everyone is on the edge of their seats hoping to be the next to walk away with millions in prize money.

Mega Moolah is a 5-reel, 25-Payline, African Safari theme Video Slot that boasts a generous 4-tier jackpot. The four jackpots start from as little as $/€/£10 and progress to $/€/£100, $/€/£10,000 and reach their culmination in the top tier of $/€/£1 Million. The jackpot prize pool continues to grow with every spin of the reels until some lucky player hits it.

So if you’re feeling lucky, head on over to Golden Riviera online casino OR if you’re someone that prefers to play on your mobile or tablet device, you can also play on their mobile platform. Mega Moolah is actually the first ever progressive jackpot that can be won at a mobile casino so hitting this amount on yours would not only be a historical occasion but would also change your life forever.

Play now!

Europa Casino launches Thor Scratch Card

Thor Scratch Card

Playtech powered casinos like Europa Casino have just launched a new scratch card game entitled Thor. Thor is based on the Marvel superhero created in 1962 and whose blockbuster movie was released in 2011. Thor also starred in this year’s release of the mega movie hit The Avengers.

It is little wonder that Playtech is cashing in on Thor fever! This scratch card is the seventh in the series of Marvel Movie based scratch cards available at Playtech powered casinos. What’s more is that all other scratch cards in the Marvel series have corresponding video slot titles so it seems likely that we’ll soon be seeing the release of a Thor video slot!

In order to play the Thor scratch card you will need to select the card price which ranges from 0.20, 1.00, 5.00, 25.00 and 100.00 credits. The maximum payout on a 100.00 credit scratch card is 100k which is really an awesome jackpot to hit! Once you’ve selected your card you will be presented with nine cells laid out in a 3×3 matrix. Hitting the “play” button will start the game and you will need to click on the hidden symbols in the matrix to unveil what lies beneath. When three matching symbols appear the multiplier associated with the specific symbol will be applied and the winning total added to your balance. If there are no matching symbols then you will lose the bet.

The Thor scratch card is comprised of six regular symbols, each of which offers its own multiplier that is applied to a wagering amount should it result in a win. Be on the lookout for Thor’s hammer which pays out the maximum of 1000x the wagered amount. The other symbols feature characters from the movie with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) offering a 50x multiplier, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) a 20x multiplier, Heimdall (Idris Elba) a 10x multiplier, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) offering a 2x multiplier and other assorted characters awarding 1x multipliers.

The golden orb acts as the bonus symbol and when it appears it activates the Orb Bonus. The original matrix disappears and in its place you will find 6 orbs. You will be required to choose one of these to reveal a bonus prize whose amount is determined by the price of the scratch card you have selected.

One of the most outstanding features of the Thor scratch card is that the game’s background is continually changing to reveal the different locations in which the movie was shot…what a treat!

If you find the standard game play pace a little too slow for your liking you can speed it up by pushing the “Scratch all button” which instantly reveals all of the symbols at once, or you can make use of the Auto Play feature which allows you to play on up to 50 cards at the same bet without manual intervention.

So if you’re in the mood for a little scratch and win fun, visit Europa Casino and try out the new Thor Scratch card now!

Bonus Bet Feature in Cryptologic Slots

Bonus Bet

The various online casinos are powered by a number of software providers, the specific provider determines the number and type of casino games offered by a casino as well as the features offered in these games. Many online slots offer special bonus features, some Cryptologic slots in particular have what is called the Bonus Bet which is featured in games like Wonderwoman and Batman video slots.

The Cryptologic bonus bet offers players the opportunity to place larger wagers than usual as well as the chance to win more than they usually can in non-bonus feature games. In these Bonus bets, the total number of coins that you bet on a spin is added to the bonus bet. Cryptologic powered online slots with the bonus bet feature have 50 paylines and you may only place a bet of one coin per line on each spin.

This effectively means that you can wager 50 coins in the standard game and when taking advantage of the bonus bet you are able to bet an additional 10 coins, which pushes the maximum bet to 60 coins.

To automatically wager on all paylines and add the bonus bet, all you have to do is push the “Bonus Bet” button on the game console.

You are also able to select different coin denominations when wagering, these start at as little as $0.10 and range up to $200 per line.

In some online slots offering the Bonus Bet feature, you are only able to access some special bonus features if you have selected the “Bonus Bet” feature, meaning that in addition to being able to make an extra wager you’ll also have access to special bonus features as an additional perk! That said though, activating the Bonus Bet doesn’t necessarily guarantee that special features will be activated…you’ll still need to obtain the specified number of scatter symbols in order to trigger the feature. It is also important to keep in mind that Scatter payouts are not generally included in the Bonus Bet feature and you’ll only be paid out 50 times the line bet rather than 60 times like other payouts when the Bonus Bet is in play.

An additional advantage however is that in some games, like the Batman slot, once you have wagered the Bonus bet, an additional Wild symbol may randomly appear, increasing your chances of winning even more!

So next time you play at a Cryptologic powered casinos like Intercasino, don’t forget to check out the Bonus Feature for even more action and rewards.