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Easter Millions Promotion at Roxy Palace Casino

Easter Millions Promotion

With Easter fast approaching there are sure to be a number of Easter promotions at the various online casinos across the web, but Roxy Palace has been the first to announce theirs which is entitled “Easter Millions” and is sure to be one that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

From the 4th of April until the 8th of May 2012 Roxy Palace Online Casino will offer players the opportunity to win a share of 5,000,000 loyalty points! The loyalty points prizes will be divided amongst the top 125 players who earn the most points during the promotional period and the player at the top of the Easter leader board will walk away with a whopping 1 million loyalty points!

The prize pool is divided as follows:

Looks great doesn’t it? To take part in this exciting promotion, all you have to do is deposit and wager on any casino game during the promotional period and earn loyalty points as you play. You will be able to keep track of your position on the specially designed Easter leader board which details the top 200 players. As always at Roxy Palace, the loyalty points that you earn can be redeemed during the promotional period, so you don’t have to keep them until the end and doing so will not affect the total that you have earned or have any negative effects on your position on the leader board.

At the end of the promotion the top 125 players will have their loyalty points prizes credited directly to their accounts and the wagering requirement on these will be 30 times according to the promotional terms and conditions.

If you simply can’t wait until the Easter Promotion gets under way then Roxy Palace Online Casino also has a number of other events on the go including Weekend Power points and more, so visit them today!

Where Does The Money For Casino Prizes Come From?

Casino prizes

It has become increasingly obvious that more and more online casinos are giving away prizes in the form of gifts, cars, holidays and cash than ever before, which may lead you to wonder where the money to pay for these actually comes from and if it comes out of their net profits or the gross sums earned by the casino.

Recently we have received questions regarding this issue from player who are concerned that if the cash is taken from the gross income of the casino then this may affect the casino games payouts adversely and players will not receive the full payback percentages as advertised by the casino.

While this is a very legitimate question, it is important to understand and distinguish the difference between prizes that are awarded when a winning bet or combination is hit and prizes that are awarded through promotional draws and loyalty points.

When a prize appears on the paytable of a slot machine or video poker machine then the value of this prize is built in to the long-term payout of the machine. So for example, instead of a payout of $50,000 in cash, a car to the value of $50,000 is offered in its place. This means that in the long run the machine has the same long term payout rate which is paid from the casino’s bankroll and so these do not affect the payouts of the machine adversely.

Prizes that are awarded from promotional draws or loyal promotions are on the other hand, usually covered by the casino’s marketing budget.

Then there are prizes which are awarded randomly to a player currently playing a machine and where the money for these comes from can be either out of the payout or from the marketing budget. A classic example of this in a land based casino is the case of the opening of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While the machines were tighter than the norm for the strip, the casino made up for this with random bonuses. While the machines would have paid back 90% on their own, the casino awarded players with an extra 2% in random bonuses increasing the overall payout rate to 92% although these prizes could also have been covered by the marketing budget for the casino.

So in conclusion, no matter where the funding for prizes comes from, it generally does not affect the payout percentage of the casino game concerned. A 90% payout rate remains 90% regardless of what prizes the online casino chooses to give away, so just enjoy the games and if you happen to win a prize, then great but if you don’t you are not getting cheated in any way when it comes to payout percentages.

Do Online Casinos Have Different Rules?

Online Casino Rules

Not all online casinos are created equal and there are some significant differences from one group to another. This means that apart from certain rules and regulations set out by the online gaming commission, casinos can offer very different rules, odds and promotions that can give them a better edge. For example, one online casino may offer line odds of 3 times the line bet while another may offer 10 times the bet.

Bonuses and games also differ and one casino may offer a variety of Pai Gow tables and bonuses on specific hand while others will not offer the game at all or just have one table. Baccarat is another game that sees very different bonuses, odds and numbers of tables at casinos. You can always tell by the number of variations of a certain game whether or not a casino wants to have a great deal of action on it. For example, there are thousands of different types of slots with many different themes available at online casinos (and land based ones for that matter); this shows that the casino generates most of its revenues off these types of games. There are usually also a number of blackjack and roulette tables whereas games like Sic Bo, Baccarat and Pai Gow enjoy lesser numbers.

It is very important to always review games rules, especially across games with newer variations as these can affect your enjoyment of the game a great deal and rules that are at the discretion of the house need to be fully understood to ascertain whether or not they are fair or just a way to increase the house advantage.

While reading rules before playing your favourite game may seem like as much fun as reading the casino terms and conditions, it really is something that needs to be done to ensure that you enjoy your casino experience, rather than ending up in disputes because you didn’t realise that a game had certain rules or odds after you have played.

Remember that if you don’t like the rules on a certain game you can always look elsewhere because these do differ from one casino to another and you will find one that is a good fit for you.

Casino Tropez Re-launches

Casino Tropez New Look

Casino Tropez has been in business since 2001 and recently announced its official re-launch which not only features a new design in both its website’s look and feel but also in casino software usability and added player resources.

While players can continue to enjoy the same benefits as before including over 350 exciting casino games, a rewarding VIP program, regular promotions, outstanding customer service as well as quick and easy payment processing, there are also a number of new standout features including:

  • Instant Web Play – while a download version of the casino software is available, players can also login to the casino and play via the Casino Tropez website. Both platforms are accessible by the same username and password.
  • An all new Payback Bonus – while the traditional Welcome Bonus at Casino Tropez was $3,000, the new $3,000 Payback bonus includes a 100% match bonus up to $100 on first deposit followed by a 50% refund up to $1,000 on all deposits that day.
  • A Casino School – this is a completely new addition of casino game and strategy related articles which has been made available to assist players in learning game rules and strategies to enhance the complete gaming experience.

So if you’re in the mood for a completely awesome gaming experience built on years of experience and a trusted brand, then visit Casino Tropez now.

March Madness at Fortune Lounge Group of Casinos

March Madness at Fortune Lounge

It’s March Madness at the Fortune Lounge Group of Casinos which include favourites like Platinum Play, Royal Vegas and Vegas Palms casinos.

Every day this month, these casinos will be giving you a free gift, so that’s thirty one possible presents waiting to be unwrapped by you!

To receive your free gift each day, all you have to do is visit your favourite casino in the group on a daily basis and open your promotional calendar to see what surprises are in store for you on that date. Then simply follow the instructions and get caught up in the madness of March! You have to claim your gift before midnight each day or you lose it, so make sure you don’t miss out.

According to the casino promotions bulletin, gifts include things like purchase match bonuses, free spins, special entry into tournament events, loyalty points as well as a number of undisclosed “Mystery Gifts“. That’s enough to get anyone excited!

So make sure you get spoilt this month and be part of the March Madness Promotion at your favourite casino in the group today!