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Player Support on Skype Offered at Fortune Lounge Online Casinos

Skype casino player support

The Fortune Lounge Group recently announced that four of its online casinos brands, namely Royal Vegas, Platinum Play, 7 Sultans and Vegas Palms casinos now offer their players the option of communication with customer support staff via Skype.

This means that the next time you have a query or need assistance with something, instead of phoning or e-mailing customer care, you’ll be able to logon to Skype and receive answers and assistance quickly and easily.

According to Wim Ochse, Head of Fortune Lounge’s Customer Support, the introduction of Skype to their group of casinos is an industry first, with no other casino group currently offering Skype as a one-click contact point. He further added that due to the fact that support staff assist players who are already connected to the internet on their computers or mobile devices, Skype is an excellent option which allows players to communicate with the casino staff with ease.

In addition to its latest Skype contact offering, the Fortune Lounge Group continues to offer players support via e-mail, telephone and live chat. Skype support is currently only available to English speaking players but the group has stated that it may introduce the service in a variety of other languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Dutch and Portuguese, depending on the demand for it going forward.

In the meantime though, players of all languages can connect to the English speaking support staff on Skype and request to be put through to support staff in their native language.

This is yet another step in the Fortune Lounge Group of casinos quest to make your online gambling experience with them one of the best and most streamlined possible. They get two thumbs up from us.

Senior Citizens Gambling Can Be Positive

Senior Citizens Gambling

A brief search of the internet for “senior citizens gambling” provides a string of negative results, mostly related to gambling addiction in senior citizens and how casinos, bingo halls and online casinos maliciously prey on the elderly, encouraging them to spend their finances recklessly.

While there will always be unscrupulous casino operations and gambling addicts, for the majority of those concerned gambling is merely an entertaining pastime. In addition to this, new evidence has recently come to light that supports senior citizen’s gambling due to the number of positive effects that it can have on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The majority of the elderly seek leisure activities to fill some of the many hours they have available since retirement and short trips to their favourite casino or bingo hall are a happy outing for many. Those who have mastered technology and either have difficulty getting around or no direct access to land based casinos and bingo halls even enjoy playing their favourite casino games online.

A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania indicated that 70% of the 1,000 senior citizens surveyed had taken part in some kind of gambling activity in the past year and that many had learnt how to use a computer in order to gamble online.

Numerous studies and Neuroscience research support the fact that learning new things helps to keep the brain healthy and functioning optimally, so as these senior citizens learn to gamble they are also exercising their brains. According to Professor Stephen Robinson of Monash University’s School of Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine, it is essential to learn new things in order to be mentally stimulated and promote better health, especially in the elderly as it assists in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Pleasurable activities like gambling also aid in the release of serotonin, the feel good hormone, which improves mood and gives a feeling of general well-being. With limited pleasurable activities available to the elderly, serotonin levels may be low and activities which help to adjust this upwards are always a positive thing.

Obviously, there a number of very concerned children of the elderly who worry that their parents are gambling away their “inheritance”. While there are legitimate concerns that an elderly parent could become addicted to gambling and recklessly spend the money they have put aside for their own general wellbeing, studies also show that senior citizens on the whole are more responsible than younger recreational gamblers who often add alcohol or drug abuse to the mix. The elderly on the other hand tend to play it safer by limiting their spending and simply enjoy the game as well as the social aspects of gambling.

To those worrying about their inheritances, we’d like to remind you that an inheritance is a privilege and not a right and stopping your parents from enjoying themselves is a very selfish thing to do. Not only are they having fun, but they are stimulating their brains at the same time…what more could you ask for?

Provided that senior citizens are able to control themselves when gambling and manage their finances responsibly, gambling at online casinos is likely to cause a happier, healthier and more alert generation of seniors.

Casino Splendido Offers Super Bonus Online

Casino Splendido

Microgaming powered Casino Splendido is part of the Roxy Palace Group which has really started to pay attention to player bonus and promotional offerings of late. Due to these new and improved offerings, Casino Splendido is currently offering what it calls the Super Bonus Online which is perfectly structured to match the percentage and value of the bonus offered to match your wagering needs.

Your wagering needs are determined by your VIP status due to the fact that players who wager large amounts usually have a higher VIP status. This promotion also takes into account the fact that you and other players generally enjoy playing more on week-ends and so there is are two bonus scheme offerings – one for midweek and the other for week-ends.

The Midweek Super Bonus offer is comprised of 4 VIP levels namely members, silver, gold and platinum and each receives bonuses accordingly. Members receive a bonus of 15% of the amount deposited (up to 20 credits), Silver level VIP’s receive a 25% deposit bonus (up to 100 credits), Gold earn 30% of the deposit made (up to 200 credits) and finally Platinum VIP’s are offered 30% up to 500 credits.

The week-end Super Bonus is structured much the same as the midweek bonus except for the fact that bonus amounts increase as follows: Members 15% of the deposit up to 25 credits, Silver VIP’s 25% up to 125 credits, Gold members receive 30% up to 300 credits and Platinum members 30% up to 500 credits.

As always terms and conditions apply and should be reviewed before you accept this or any other promotional offer at Casino Splendido. Different casino games also have differently weighted contributions towards the online casino’s wagering requirements with games like online Keno and Slots contributing 100%, poker games 50%, blackjack counts 2% and American Roulette counts 10% with other table games like Craps and Baccarat as well as the majority of Video poker games contributing 10%.

All things considered, Casino Splendido’s new bonus offering is one that is sure to help you maximise your game play and enjoyment.

Don’t Miss Spin Palace’s Loyalty Points Offering

Spin Palace Casino Promotion

To thank their loyal players, in addition to regular weekly promotions, Spin Palace Casino is offering a host of opportunities to earn even more loyalty points than ever before.

This is what the stellar line up looks like:

Start the week off with Progressive Monday Madness where you’ll earn double points on all Progressive games including Slots, Roulette and Blackjack.

Progressive Tuesday Treasures offer double points on all blackjack and roulette games as well as all progressive online slot games.

Celebrate the midweek with Winning Wednesdays where you will earn 2x points on all New Games as well as all blackjack and roulette game variations.

Thunderous Thursdays are for Thunderstruck fans and whether you play the original game or sequel as well as any blackjack or roulette games you’ll earn double points yet again!

And then the week sees an epic culmination with Weekend of Wealth: Happy Hour Harvest which offers loyal players triple points on selected online slots, roulette and blackjack games.

Once you’ve racked up the loyalty points these can then be redeemed for casino cash which you can use to extend your gameplay on the house! At Spin Palace 1,000 Club Points = €10 in Free Casino Credits which will be credited to your bonus account.

So make sure you visit Spin Palace Online Casino often to collect maximum loyalty points and the opportunity to earn major wins today!

Celebrate the mid-year mark with Junefest at Fortune Lounge Casinos


The illustrious Fortune Lounge Group has long been a respected name in online casino operators. Offering state of the art online casinos powered by Microgaming software, featuring over 400 games as well as exceptional customer support staff and an action packed promotional calendar have put this group at the top of the game.

Each month the group releases new promotions to excite, delight and reward their players and this month they’re at it again with the newly announced Junefest extravaganza, a 30 day celebration packed with surprizes for you to discover and enjoy!

To be part of this festival of gifts, all you have to do is sign up as a new player or login to your casino player account at one of the participating casinos daily, open the Junefest calendar and uncover the surprise that awaits you that day. Then all you have to do is follow the instructions associated with it and let the fun begin!

Daily surprises include Deposit bonus offers, Loyalty Rewards points, Mystery gifts and free entry to amazing tournaments. These are however only valid until midnight of each day so if you don’t claim your daily prize on time it will disappear.

What better way to celebrate the mid-year mark than by taking part in Fortune Lounge’s Junefest promotions at its group of online casinos like Platinum Play.