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A Guide to Betfair Bonuses

Betfair is a name synonymous with betting, but in addition to offering one of the largest online betting exchanges, they also offer a state of the art online casino which is attracting players from across the globe.

Betfair Casino offers an unrivalled casino games portfolio with popular titles from a variety of software providers including Playtech, Ash Gaming, WMS Gaming, OpenBet and International Game Technology which means that you’ll have access to the best games on the web under one roof.

Even more impressive though, are Betfair’s bonus offerings. Talk about being spoilt for choice…new players are offered a choice of three welcome bonuses entitled games, slots and live casinos. These break down as follows:

Option 1: Games – 200% up to £300

Betfair Bonus - All Games

When selecting this bonus you will receive a 200% match bonus up to £300 to use when you play a huge variety of casino games. This bonus is definitely great for both slots and table games players alike, as a number of qualifying games of each genre are included, although, as is the case with most other online casinos, each category of games contribution to the overall wagering requirement is weighted differently. Slots, scratch cards and Fixed Odds Games still carry the most weight with table games carrying less weight in your overall contributions.

To qualify for this bonus all you have to do is “buy-in” by making a minimum deposit of £10 or more. Before you can withdraw any winnings you will be required to wager the sum of the multiplier of the bonus 37 times.

So, for example if you make a deposit of £100 you will receive a £200 bonus (200% of your deposit) and you will then have to wager £200 x 37 times = £7400.

Option 2: Slots – Match Bonus up to £2000

Betfair Bonus - Slots

With Betfair’s Slots bonus you will receive a match deposit bonus up to £2000 to play on any of Betfair’s exciting slots. The £2000 bonus can be claimed over 3 deposits as follows:

  • 1st match-up – 125% match up to £500 (minimum buy-in: £10)
  • 2nd match-up – 175% match up to £700 (minimum buy-in: £50)
  • 3rd match-up – 200% match up to £800 (minimum buy-in: £100)

Once you have made your first deposit you will receive your bonus and once the wagering requirements are met you will be eligible to receive the next bonus in line.

Wagering requirements on this bonus are 40 times the sum of the multiplier of the bonus. For example, on bonus one, when depositing an amount of £100 you will receive a £125 bonus and will then need to wager £125 x 40 = £5000 in total before you may cash out.

Option 3: Live Casino – 100% Match up to £200

Betfair Live Dealer Bonus

If you’re a Live Dealer Casino Games fan then this bonus if for you. Deposit £20 or more and you will receive a welcome match bonus of 100% which you can use to play Live Blackjack or Live Roulette.

When it comes to wagering requirements, each game is weighted differently with Live Roulette contributing 100% and Live Blackjack 50%. You are required to wager your bonus amount 60 times within 7 days of receiving the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings.

In addition to the above welcome bonuses, Betfair also offers new players the following:

10 Free Spins on Live Roulette

Betfair Free Spins

When you sign up at Betfair, you will receive 10 Free Spins (valued at £10) on Live Roulette absolutely free with no deposit required. You are required to wager the bonus amount 30 times within 3 days to be eligible to withdraw your winnings.

If you’re a Blackjack fan, then don’t miss out on Betfair’s Live Blackjack Exclusive Table and you could win one of their two daily Red Card £10 bonuses. Each day the Betfair dealers shuffle 2 unique Red Cards into each shoe. If you are dealt one of these cards you will win a £10 bonus. This bonus is subject to wagering requirements of 5 times the bonus amount within 7 days. It’s that simple.

Playtech founder sells 10% share

Teddy Sagi

The world over companies grow, merge, buy out and sell, it’s just the way business works but when the big players in any industry make big moves, there are generally very good reasons for it and we can only assume that this is the case following a recent announcement that the founder of casino software giant Playtech Teddy Sagi has sold 10% of his share in the company.

This share is worth $350 million, which translates to more than €250 million and £200 million. As you can see, it’s an absolute fortune no matter which currency conversion you’re using which is no surprise, given that Playtech is one of the two dominant online casino software developers in history.

Along with Microgaming, Playtech made a name for itself as one of the first online casino software developers and the two companies have been engaged in fierce competition ever since. Playtech powered online casinos like Europa Casino offer a vast casino games portfolio that are popular with players the world over.

While there is a great deal of speculation over these new developments, the reasons for the move have not yet been made clear but it is evident that it will allow for Playtech’s stock to enjoy increased liquidity which can have substantial benefits for the company.

A total of 29.3 million shares were sold through Sagi’s company Brickington Trading and even at the conclusion of the sale, Sagi still owned a 39% share in Playtech which is considerable. It is interesting news overall but also indicates that Playtech is planning to continue along its aggressive growth trajectory instead of merely resting on its laurels.

Thinking of becoming a Professional Gambler?

casino gambling

Spending time playing at casinos is a great deal of fun and can be quite lucrative, leading many people to fantasize about becoming a professional gambler and leading what they perceive to be a very glamorous life.

As any professional gambler will tell you, gambling for a living is not as mysterious and luxurious as people imagine, in fact it takes a great deal of time, dedication and hard work to make it happen.

So if you’ve ever thought about becoming a professional gambler but never really knew how to get started, and you’re willing to invest time and effort into achieving this goal, then check out the steps to help you achieve just that.

Select your game

While it’s tempting to think that you can jump from one casino game to another in an attempt to earn money, while some professional gamblers have managed to become skilled at multiple games, to begin with you should select a single game to focus on.

If you already have a favourite casino game that will make getting started much easier. If however, you are new to gambling and you haven’t really played many casino games before, then do your research by heading off to a reputable online casino where you can use the “free play” mode to try out a variety of games without losing any money.

While skill games like blackjack, video poker and poker offer lower house edge’s if you are a slots fanatic there are still ways that you can make these work for you by using an advantage method of play. This generally involves a team of players who play together to find a progressive jackpot slot that has grown so large that it is offering positive expected values.

No matter what game you ultimately choose to play, the key is to identify the advantage play method and use this for your own financial benefit.

Begin to learn strategy

Once you’ve selected a casino game, you will then need to learn and perfect the associated strategies of the game in order to generate long term profits. The amount of time that you will need to invest in acquiring the right skills will depend on the game that you are playing and how quickly you learn.

The internet is full of information, advice and training videos on how to perfect game play strategy for almost every game, so spend time doing your research, learning and practicing, it will definitely pay off later.

Join Player Forums

Learning game play strategy and winning tips is an excellent way to begin your journey to making money at casinos but in order to take your game to the next level, then joining a player forum is a must. Player forums give you a platform to discuss game strategy with other players and you will pick up a great deal of valuable information from skilled players who are willing to share their experiences and tips. If you have strategy questions you may get some valuable answers too.

Forums also facilitate player networking, so if you want to form a playing team, these are good hunting grounds.

Choose your stakes and manage your bankroll

Proper bankroll management is exceptionally important to any gambler but it is critical if you want to be a professional gambler as your bankroll is your livelihood. You will need to carefully select the stakes that you are willing to play and manage your bankroll accordingly.

The nature of the casino game that you play will have a big impact on the stakes you wager and the bankroll management required, so make an effort to read up on the optimal stakes and bankroll management techniques for the game you play.

Practice, practice, practice and then begin to play

The old adage goes, practice makes perfect and this is true for skill games in gambling. Before you run out and start to play for real money where errors cost you dearly, practice what you have learned extensively at online casinos using their “free play” mode or if you intend to play at brick and mortar casinos arrange practice sessions with friends.

Once you have mastered your game of choice to your satisfaction it’s time to put your skills to the test and play for real money. Keep in mind though that you’ll endure both winning and losing streaks, and you will need to remain level headed at all times and practice optimum bankroll management principles. If you ever feel like you are struggling, drop your stakes or take a step back until you’re ready to play again. This will ensure your sustainability as a professional gambler.