Which players get the best bonus benefits?

A recent study of online casinos and gamblers was was undertaken to establish whether blackjack players are afforded the same benefits when it comes to casino bonuses and the results probably won’t surprise you…

It is no secret that the majority of online slots players switch between casinos not only to try out new games on offer but also to take advantage of the variety of bonus offers available, and let’s face it, there are continuously new games launched new bonuses made available to these players by nearly every casino out there.

Blackjack players on the other hand are a different kettle of fish. Profiles of blackjack players revealed that most play the original or standard version of the game and may only on occasion try something different. They also switch casinos less frequently and usually prefer to stick to a select casino and take advantage of the occasional loyalty bonuses on offer (which are considerably fewer than for those offered to slots players). New versions of blackjack are not regularly launched so there is no real need to switch casinos based on game offerings either.

From the study it seems that online slots players are afforded way more bonuses and games offerings than the more loyal blackjack players, this is simply due to the fact that they generally spend more (with slots having greater margins for casinos than blackjack where the players skill can affect the house edge) and are therefore more profitable to casinos and are worthy of the retention efforts.

This is not to say that Blackjack players are treated badly by any means and some casinos like Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune offer regular bonuses and tournaments to loyal blackjack players. So the trick is to find the best casinos for the game of your choice.