What Recourse do Players have when Online Casinos don’t Pay?

What recourse do player have when online casinos don’t pay? This is question that we often get asked and that also appears on various player forums around the net. The answer is not really a simple one, but it does require some examination of the situation surround the lack of payment as there are both legitimate and unjustified reasons for a situation like this to arise.

Legitimate reasons for an online casino not paying out are usually attributed to the lack of compliance on the player’s part when it comes to the terms and conditions of the online casino in general or with regard to the bonus terms and conditions. If a player has not met the wagering requirements or has displayed any conduct that seems suspicious or indicative of bonus abuse, then the casino has a legitimate reason to withhold payment. Over the years we have found that when trusted online casinos do not pay, it is usually for a very good reason.

As a player, if you are having issues regarding payout with what is generally accepted as a “legitimate” or “white-listed” casino, the following recourse is advised:

  1. Contact the online casino’s customer support team and discuss the reason as to lack of payment. Generally you will not need to proceed further than this step and any online casino worth its salt will resolve the issue with you in a professional and legitimate manner.
  2. Should the situation arise that the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction you may contact the casino’s regulatory body which should be published on its site, for example eCogra who will investigate on your behalf should they be satisfied that you have a legitimate case.

There are however cases where rogue and generally blacklisted online casinos do not pay out and over the years it has been established that many of these casinos withhold payments without justification and as such should be avoided at all costs.

This offers little respite for players who have been unwittingly duped by such shady organisations and the following course of action can be taken:

  1. Contact player support to establish the justification for lack of payment and to broker a resolution.
  2. If this does not resolve your issue, you can contact the casino’s regulatory body – that is, if they are registered with one.
  3. If no regulatory body exists, contact the licensing body under which it is licensed and regulated. Again this may not offer a successful solution as many dodgy casinos are not really licensed or regulated and operate from undisclosed locations.
  4. Report the issue on a player forum, occasionally forum owners and moderators have “ins” at online casinos and can cause a great deal of damage to reputations if they do not receive satisfactory solutions.

With rogue casinos, the above steps do not guarantee any form of resolution, so you may have to write your losses off and mark them down to experience. Thereafter, it is essential to always ensure that you only play at recommended and trusted online casinos in future, so rather invest some time in research before spending your hard earned money.