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Taking the Pain out of Player Verification Processes

Player Verify

As any seasoned online casino player will tell you, there inevitably comes a time when you will need to verify your identity with the casino by submitting a variety of documents. Sometimes documents are required when you sign up for a new player account but more often than not, these requests come when cashing out a big win and the process can sometimes be frustrating enough to put a slight damper on your winning mood.

There are number of reasons online casinos require player documentation including mandates by regulating authorities, to prevent the opening of multiple player accounts as well as to prevent fraud and identity theft as well as the wrongful access of your account. The verification processes are in place to protect both players and the casinos, yet this somehow doesn’t make the process less painful!

Thanks to a new organisation however, these issues may soon be a thing of the past! This online service eases the process for both the casino and the player by providing a hub and secure technology required to facilitate the verification process electronically. According to Mark Dalton, spokesperson for the group, the verification process entails matching details furnished by players with relevant documentation such as identification documents, passports or driver’s licence details. Players are able to securely login and submit all of this documentation to PlayerVerify and are given a secure access code to this information which they can then give to the casino should they be asked for documents.

This process eliminates the need for scanning, faxing or sending e-mail through unsecured channels and gives the player more peace of mind when submitting such sensitive information. Also, all documents can be uploaded once without needing to re-scan and re-send them every time a casino makes a verification request.

In addition to the peace of mind of a highly secured account, players can view real time data pertaining to which online casino is accessing their details and also whether the documents are acceptable to the casino in question or not. Once the casino has viewed the necessary documents, the player can then lock their account, denying the casino any further unauthorised access.

While the program may seem very player focussed, online casinos also benefit from it as they will not have to sit with piles of hard copies of documents or have the responsibility of storing this information securely. PlayerVerify also offers the casinos online approval services where they can submit requests for additional player information if required and the entire process is managed on their behalf.

So if you’re a regular online casino player, why not try PlayerVerify and make your casino verification processes a whole lot safer and easier to manage.

Help! There’s something wrong with my eWallet account


Every now and again we receive queries regarding eWallet account closures from online casino players who are unable to access their funds for some unknown reason. There is nothing more frustrating that settling in for a night of fun at an online casino only to find that you can’t play because you can’t access funds within your eWallet.

The initial reaction is usually panic and the feeling that one has been defrauded, and while this is quite understandable in a world where internet fraud is common, there is usually a legitimate explanation, especially when the eWallet provider has a good reputation or is a recommended provider within the online casino industry.

So if you find yourself in this predicament at one time or another, remain calm and follow our recommended steps to assist you in resolving the problem quickly and efficiently.

If your account is frozen

Oftentimes you may be able to access your account but are unable to transfer funds; this means that your account is frozen rather than closed. One of the main reasons for this may be due to the fact that you have reached your transaction limits for a certain period. You can confirm whether or not this is the case by contacting the customer support team for your given eWallet provider. If you have reached your transfer limit, then all you have to do is simply wait for the beginning of the new cycle. There is also the option of upgrading your account to offer higher transaction limits, but this should be done with careful consideration as this may be an indication of gambling addiction.

If your account is closed

Should you try to access your eWallet account and are unable to log in, first ensure that your username and password details are correct. If they are and you are not able to access the account, it may be closed. There are a number of reasons that an account may have been closed, although one of the most common is due to inactivity over a long period of time. The provider will regularly review accounts and close those that have not been used for long periods for security reasons. The best way to resolve account closure issues to contact the provider telephonically and undergo a verification process necessary to re-activate your account.

Another primary reason for eWallet providers closing player accounts is due to unusually large transactions being effected that do not fit the owner’s past payment history. Once again, the account closure is to safeguard your funds and ensure that no fraud is taking place. Again the best method of resolving this issue is contacting customer support to resolve the issue and undergoing personal verification processes to confirm that the transaction is genuine and was issued under your instruction. Should you be expecting a larger than normal transaction to occur, for example as a result of transfers from a big win at an online casino, then inform the payment provider upfront so that they are aware of the situation and can inform the relevant departments on their side and avoid closing your account unnecessarily.

If your account appears to be the target of fraudsters

One of the most serious and urgent reasons for account closure is when an eWallet account appears to be targeted by fraudsters or seems to be accessed by someone other than its rightful owner. eWallet providers employ state of the art software which is programmed to recognise certain unusual behaviours, for example access via multiple IP addresses or from different geographic locations or unusual erratic transactions etc. and the system will then close the account immediately.

Sometimes legitimate account owners may be mistaken for fraud syndicates if they access their account while on holiday abroad or allow someone in a different country to access it on their behalf, only to find out that the next time they attempt to do so, the account is locked. In the event of travel plans, always inform your payment provider beforehand to avoid unnecessary closures.

Another precaution providers may employ is password monitoring and if you enter your password incorrectly a number of times the eWallet software will close the account. This is done to avoid account hacking by criminals so always ensure that you concentrate when entering your password and if you have forgotten it, rather go through the retrieval procedure than continue to guess and end up with a locked account. If you do find yourself locked out of your account due to entering your logins incorrectly, you will have to contact customer support and submit to long and stringent verification processes. These do take time so patience will be required.

While it is very inconvenient to find that your eWallet has been frozen or even closed, when attempting to resolve any issues pertaining to your account, always bear in mind that the security of your funds is of the utmost importance to both you and your provider and there are legitimate security protocols in place to ensure the safety of your funds. Happy gaming!

Roxy Palace’s Gold Factory Slot Producing Big Winners

Microgaming’s recently launched Gold Factory Slot is living up to its name at Roxy Palace Online Casino with players winning in excess of €60,000 since its debut last month. The biggest winner to date won €25,756 while playing this golden slot on the 5th of July and another two winners won €20,091 and €14,450 respectively in June. Various winners at other Microgaming casinos like Spin Palace have also been reported, making this seem like one of the luckiest slots launched in recent times.

So what makes the Gold Factory slot so lucky and keeps it paying out in such huge amounts? Well the slot design has a lot to do with it!

The game features 50 paylines which translates into winning combinations appearing more often and some symbols offer significant sized payouts. There is also a bonus game that plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the game pays out handsomely. The base bonus game is called the Boiler Room Bonus and players are required to choose four hoppers out of a possible 12, these then release liquid gold awarding bonus credits or special tokens to access another two bonus levels. The first bonus game awards 10 to 35 free spins where all payouts are doubled while the second transports you to the Reactor Room to win credits until the malfunction token appears.

This is definitely an exciting slot and the rich payouts make it even better! So head on over to Roxy Palace, you may just be the next player to strike gold and have your name written on their winners list!

How do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Spin Palace  Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards, “scratchies” or “scratch-and-win” games have been around for many years and at one time or another you’ve probably either received one as part of a promotion or bought one in order to try to win a prize. Traditionally scratch cards are printed on a cardboard sheet that contains a layer which is scratched off with a coin or hard object to reveal your prize.

Thanks to their simplicity and instant entertainment factors, scratch cards are one of the most popular forms of instant gambling. It is due to this fact that most online casinos like Spin Palace offer digital versions of scratch cards which you can purchase and play on your computer or mobile phone. How you might ask do online scratch cards work? We have the answers for you right here:

Online scratch cards are available in many casinos games lobbies, although from time to time you may receive one as a promotion. Standard online scratch cards enable you to select your bet level, the amount of money you wish to bet and the results are generated instantly via the game’s random number generator.

To play a scratch card online, visit the casino lobby and select this type of game variation. The game will open on your screen and you will be required to select the size of the wager you would like to place by clicking up or down on the casino console to select the chip size. You will then need to enter the number of coins you want to bet and push the “start” or “play” button and a new card will then appear on your screen.

There are generally two game variations in scratch cards:

  1. Some games only have a single area which is covered and you will not be able to choose where to scratch. In these games you will simply watch as the game automatically scratches the card to reveal the prize.
  2. Other games feature cards with multiple scratch areas covered and you will then select an area or areas to scratch by clicking on them. The computer will then expose the selected area to reveal a prize (if any).

Within the above variations, you may encounter cards in which you can only win if a specific item is displayed and on multiple block scratch cards if three of the same numbers or symbol are exposed. Requirements differ from one game to another so make sure to check out the pay tables before playing.

In both versions of this game, if your card reveals winning code/s or prize/s, this will be displayed on the payout schedule and the winnings will be credited to your account. If you don’t uncover a prize or winning code, then the game ends and you will need to purchase a new card to play again.

Not only do online scratch cards look great, provide instant entertainment and offer an environmentally friendly option to offline ones that consume large quantities of paper, but they also offer the opportunity for you to win big. They also offer a 95% payout rate which is higher than most lottery run versions which means that you’ll usually get way better returns. So be smart and rather spend your money on playing online scratch cards instead!