Is it possible to cheat at Online Casinos?

Casino Cheating

Is it possible to cheat at Online Casinos?” This question comes up from time to time by people who do not necessarily want to cheat at an online casino but rather that are interested in whether or not this is possible and so we’ve decided to address the issue of whether a player can in fact cheat an online casino in this article.

Over the years there have been numerous attempts by less than scrupulous players to defraud and/or cheat at online casinos. If you ever encounter an online casino operator they will be able to tell you more than a few stories of players who tried and of course, failed.

More than a few hackers have attempted to access online casino’s remote gaming servers and in the infancy of the industry there was a story about a certain player who managed to hack in and manipulate the odds of certain casino games in their favour. Obviously this caused huge issues for the group concerned and steps were taken to tighten security. Today, online casinos have state of the art security and encryption and are always improving their anti-hacking and detection systems so issues like this have not arisen again in over a decade.

There are also players who attempt to cheat the casinos by seeking out weak casino bonuses where terms and conditions are not altogether clear or present loopholes which can be abused by players. While this still happens, online casinos generally present solid terms and conditions on their bonus and promotional offerings and if issues arise, work very quickly to rectify terms and conditions that cause issues, thus closing the door on bonus abuse.

Some players attempt to cheat by alleging that the online casino software has “cheated” them. They then take screenshots of a hand of cards, modify the image in Photoshop and send the screenshot in as proof that the software didn’t pick up their “win”. Online casinos are however able to check the same play check type systems that players have access to which record every game transaction and cross check these against other systems in order to verify each hand dealt, roll of the dice or spin of the slot, thus catching out any devious would be cheats.

Extremely tech savvy players have also employed blackjack strategy bots which play a perfect hand of blackjack on their behalf in an attempt to cheat. Online casinos however employ specialised algorithms to analyse game play patterns and if they pick up anomalies, even if you are using perfect game strategy, they reserve the right to retain any winnings and ban you from playing at the casino.

In short, there are many ways that players can attempt to cheat at online casinos, but with the level of technological advancement and security employed by reputable establishments like Europa Casino, their success is almost non-existent. For every attempted cheater, online casinos have measures to prevent fraud in any shape or form.

So if someone is promising you a sure way or system to cheat at online casino games, rather keep your money and don’t waste your time.